Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Mama’

M: Ichabod is feeling much better and has brought all the necessary magicking supplies. Mama Mills is very proud of what her girls have become.

T: Goodie! Maternal approval!

M: and it’s revealed that she fought off Moloch’s orders in the garage years ago – she actually saved Jenny, even at the cost of her own eternal torment.

T: Ohhhhhh nicely done.

M: Yeah – none of this stuff landed, but it was good plotting. She has one last piece of information to impart – the journal keeps all the secrets of the ancestors. And somewhere in it… is a weapon! Stop me if this sounds familiar.

T: … So we get the GW counterpart.

M: Yup. At least this means… more weapons? I don’t know what it means. Two things left!

T: Katrina can’t bring herself to babycide, and Ichabod realizes how good Pepto Bismol is?

M: Close-ish on the first, which we;ll deal with second. On a country road, driving away from TPI, the quartet is stopped by a figure emerging from the woods – who it be?

T: Reyes: with a cartel actually after her. No – John Cho!!!

M: Sadly no to either. Who’s left?

T: … you said no Abraham… Henry wouldn’t, Katrina couldn’t…..Irving?

M: Irving!

T: Irving’s an escapee??

M: The ghost battle gave him an opportunity to escape, yes

T: …it was in the abandoned wing. How did it give him an opportunity?

M: And we’ve seen, like, NO staff this episode either. Because reasons, Tanya.

T: Right. I’m sorry.

M: You are forgiven. Okay, what does he say to Abbie when she hesitates about taking him along? a) ‘We owe each other.’ b) ‘I’m calling in that favor Mills, like it or not.’ c) <eye twinkle> ‘I’m pretty sure I still have a pending performance evaluation for you somewhere in my office.’ d) ‘Don’t give me that aiding and abetting a fugitive look, Mills.’ or e) ‘You have to trust me – I know where they buried Washington.’

T: D and E (please) with nary an eye twinkle in sight. And then he looks at Jenny, and just as quickly looks away. Jenny breathes. ::end scene::

M: Yeahhh… just D. Well spotted.

T: Please tell me someone gave someone a fulminating look.

M: No fulminations to be found.

T: Dangit!

M: And finally – back at the Manor… Katrina mortars and pestles and incants and makes a potion which she brings to the crib.

T: Right, witchy doings.

M: When she gets to the crib… no bebe!

T: NO! She gasps! She realizes she actually took in too much air! She faints!

M: Hee. She hears something downstairs, and slowly descends.

T: Oh creepy.

M: Where she finds….

T: Henry nursing the baby.

M: No. Ew, no.

T: Bottlefed monster, geez.

M: Still no, and definitely the name of your next band. She finds an eight year old boy raiding the pantry for bread, who turns to her and says “I’m hungry, mother.”

T: Oh, kudos writers. You didn’t forget that it took bebe evil all of 12 hours to gestate to full term!

M: Plus now she’s on a compressed timeline.

T: He’s going to be getting his hip replaced by next Monday. So does her potiony whatsit not work on bigger sized kids? Or is she taken in by being called mother? Also: what’s in the pantry? Does she feed the thing? Or do we end the episode there?

M: Fin. That is all. No more this week.

T: Sigh

M: So – questions?

(There is a long pause. It turns out Tanya was getting her laundry, but it might as well have illustrated our interest in this episode.)

T: What did this episode advance, if anything?

M: Resolved some Mills family issues, quickened the pace on bebe Moloch as a threat.

T: Is Crane a good patient?

M: He was surprisingly docile overall – a few harumphs.

T: Question: is there an episode next week, or do they do time off for good behavior and Thanksgiving?

M: Let me check – yes, there is one. (also: demon baby)

T: That is an AMAZING CREEEP baby. Love it.

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