Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Mama’

T: Sigh.

M: It turns out that Nurse Ghost was an angel of mercy killer in the first half of last century – she gave drugs to patients that made them suggestible to taking their own lives. She was finally caught whilst working at TPI, and sent to the chair. Spooooooky.

T: Florence Nightingale with the creeps; I can dig it.

M: For some reason Abbie thinks Mama Mills knows how to stop the ghost.

T: Because why not. Sure.

M: Yeah, a lot of the dot connecting this episode was rushed or unclear. Or night vision overlayed.

T: Like knowing the code for TLDR whatever whatever 12

M: Hee, yes. Off to an cell in the abandoned wing where Mama Mills spent many months. Under the plaster on one wall (do. not. ask.) is a ginormous mural that maybe has some plot elements or explanation.

T: Did they night overlay the wall to see the mural? Is it painted in blood and feces? Does it have bits of human remains stuck to it? IS IT MAGICK?

M: It looks like charcoals and oil crayon.

T: Fiiiiiiine.

M: Very nicely drawn, BUT HOW DID IT GET UNDER THE PLASTER?! the home improvement aficionado asks his television.

T: You know what else bothers me? In Terminator 2, we find Linda Hamilton in her own psychiatric prison nightmare, right?

M: Not where I saw that going, but yes.

T: All this stuff about keeping dangerous things away from her, isolation, etc etc etc – and then there’s the scene of her doing pull-ups or whatever1… But the women has perfectly shaved armpits. ARE RAZORS NOT DANGEROUS, I ask you?

M: This has been noted on numerous message boards. I’ll similarly point out the patient earlier this episode who smashed a mirror in his cell to try and kill himself.

T: Anyway: someone totally plastered over the mural in that beautifully New England way of not destroying evidence, just covering it up. (I don’t know what I mean by that.) I think I actually read that line in a Barbara Michaels book once… http://www.amazon.com/The-Crying-Child-Barbara-Michaels/dp/0060828609

M: Stop with the books, we’re watching television! The mural definitely causes Jenny to flashback to a time where Mama may have tried to kill Jenny and herself in a garage full of exhaust.

T: So mama wants Jenny to die but she’s fine with Abbie being alive?

M: Or that’s just what the flashbacks want us to think! Like I said, stuff’s kinda perfunctory this episode, despite being well-written enough. (Although be advised that several of my notes going forward are ‘blah blah Abbie and ghost’ or the like.) Mama Mills tells them there’s a hex to keep the evil spirits away, but she hasn’t been able to remember it – but it’s in a journal she had. And then the phrases “passed down to me by the ancestors” and “powerful magic” are uttered.

T: Oh my. ::fans self::

M: Perfunctory and sanitized – subtitle for this episode, name of your next band.

T: Post post punk feminist rock, clearly. All of our sings will be under 2 minutes, or longer than 10. No inbetween.

M: And there will be a baritone sax involved. Okay – Abbie throws herself in front of the door to prevent her GHOST MOTHER from leaving.

T: Abbie… sigh, child.

M: It totally works!

T: Ghosts can’t pass through Abbie – THAT would be a really fascinating wrinkle. Like: not just a witness, but a ghost-stopper too!

M: Good work if you can get it. Ah, but they can take her away. Ghost Nurse shows up, disappears Abbie, flings the other three across the room with a flick of the wrist and slams the door shut with another. Hawley eventually unjams the door with mighty jiggles.

T: Mighty jiggles sounds like a bad euphemism.

M: That’s why I wrote it. Mama Mills vanishes to go find Abbie, the other two run off looking for the journal. Blah blah ghost/Abbie read my notes. Journal is found! It’s very ‘Grimm’ in that it’s a big collection of information and spells and such about the spirit world.

T: Where is it found? Behind the plaster tooooo?

M: In a storage room in the basement that Jenny knows about.

T: You missed a word there – “that ONLY Jenny knows about”.

M: Well, out of this bunch, yes. Journal: page through page through “Maybe check the back for an index or something?” Hawley suggests. Jenny can’t find the hex, so an incantation to send witch doctors who have resurrected back to the dead will have to do. I will let that sink in.

T: Oh. Dear. Messy. Messy. Hawley said something witty at least.

M: Yup. Ghost Nurse is about to force feed Abbie those suggesting pills

T: Not very original is she?

M: She has a plan, and is very goal-oriented.

T: Focused, you might say.

M: You might, yes. Mama Mills tackles her!

T: Go Lori!

M: Jenny incants!

T: Crane coughs!

M: That would have been a good cutaway

T: Hawley puts his cheer music on and puffs up his chest!2

M: There’s a brief fight, Mama Mills spits the words ‘I’m not afraid of you anymore!’ at the nurse, and both vanish as Jenny completes her incantation.

T: Uh huh.

M: Abbie is freed, tells Jenny that Mama fought for her, and that she wishes she could see her one last time. Jenny says there may be a way. I have left nothing out of this exchange, btw.

T: ::headdesk::

M: So they throw a seance in Mama Mills cell.

T: Of course they do.

  1. because you CAN’T KEEP LINDA DOWN  
  2. Nick Jonas reference – everyone judge Tanya!  

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