Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Mama’

M: Back from break, Abbie reappears in an abandoned wing of the hospital.

T: WHY wasn’t that “Abbie reappears in an abandoned wig”?

M: Like, a giant wig?

T: (btw: I just laughed myself into falling off my bed.) Yes, like Dark Helmet but bewigged.

M: … I have no response to that. Mama tells Abbie it’s not safe for her here, Jenny and Hawley go searching for Abbie, Jenny sees a message left behind by Flickering Mama – ‘TRJLM12’ You, of course, know what this is, right? I mean, how could anyone not?

T: “Thursday, July, Mills, 12pm.” “Terrifying rancid jubilee largesse. meats 12”

M: So close with that second one. My point is Abbie takes one look at this and knows it’s the ID number for a video recording of a therapy session.

T: She’s a keen student of her mother’s file.

M: Maybe? It seems up there with night vision overlay. Quick! Back to the Manor, where Katrina realizes the baby has the touch of evil, and goes outside to find some Devil’s Breath flowers, which she can presumably use for witching.

T: Like, Baby’s Breath but ickier?

M: I tried looking this up and I think it might actually be part of the nightshade family. Wikipedia redirects to scopolamine. So again – witching!

T: I really thought we were going to get more “Katrina might be falling for Abraham! Katrina might really want to be a mother to this thing” arcs. I mean: her womb is like a BAJILLION years old at this point. Can she even have any more natural children? Can Ichabod?

M: Ichabod was unlikely to birth children at any point. Narrow hips, very sad.

T: Snort! I meant does sperm just stop production if you’re frozen in time for a few centuries? Or is everything just on hold?

M: Baaaaack at the Archives, Abbie has asked Hawley and Ichabod to give the sisters some privacy so they can watch the session video of Crazynotcrazy Mama.

T: Hawley, of course, spies.

M: Nope, the two are gentlemen. Jenny, though, is twitchy about watching. Abbie says something that convinces her to watch.

T: Q: does Jenny’s brow ever un-furrow? Oh, what does Abbie say?

M: Excellent questions – no, and I don’t remember. All the scenes between the two of them this episode were well written but low impact. I think they avoided going melodramatic but wound up too far in the other direction.

T: <<snooze>> Anyways: Crazynotcrazy taping session.

M: The video includes Mama Mills accusing Nurse Lambert – who was the nice nurse from the top of the episode – of tormenting her and telling her to kill herself. Guess what the off-screen doctor says in response?

T: “do ittttttt”

M: You are a terrible person.

T: A vaguely Latin-like phrase so we know it’s Moloch? “You must live for your daughters, Lori!” “Here, find Jesus” ?

M: Snerk to the last. How about ‘For the umpteenth time, there is no one on staff named Lambert and never has been.’?

T: Oh, that’s good. :::cue a video clip of Adam Lambert singing about being invisible:::

M: I notice that the world of Sleepy Hollow in your head is much more glittery than the one on screen.

T: Well Lambert, Lambert. The “no Lambert has ever graced these hallowed TPI halls” is so very beautifully Mary Downing Hahn-ish – I’m a fan.

M: So literary this episode! Meanwhile, we see Nurse Lambert telling Irving that he deserves release from his pain, and handing him a couple of pills. Commercials!

T: UH OH. Has Jenny ever been by Tarrytown to visit Irving? Is there smooching allowed for the patients?

M: On her own? I don’t think so. She was with Abbie at the start of the episode when they reviewed the case files with him.

T: Is there going to be smooching? Wow. Jenny: does she want Hawley or Irving? Or is she drawn to guys with 2 syllable names. I’m so confused.1

M: They’ve so back-benched Jenny this season I think all questions of motivation and development are moot.

T: Sigh, yeah. Okay. So Irving’s now in danger of… Invisibert. No – GLAMBERT.

M: More than in danger – when we get back from commercials, he’s attempting to drown himself while voices flitter about telling him ‘You have to’ and the like.

T: Oh no Irving oh no! Reyes didn’t mean for this to happen! (or did she) (dun dun DUNNNNN)

M: We never need find out as Hawley and 2xMills rush in and manage to save the Captain! Irving, though, gasps ‘Why did you save me?!’ Hawley looks all heroic. Jenny is… in the scene somewhere. Flicker Mama shows up and looks inscrutable, and Abbie stares back at her.

T: Oy Jenny.

M: Poor Jenny.

  1. Tanya is not really confused. She’s trying to create drama where there need be none. Because SLEEPY HOLLOW.  

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