Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Mama’

M: I said everybody and I mean everybody, as in all main-ish characters. You just wait… Off to TPI go the Mills sibs. Jenny, of course, is a little wary of the whole situation…

T: Well, wouldn’t you be?

M: Even moreso after a patient stares at the two of them and starts lurching over before a friendly nurse guides him away.

T: “Guides”? “Lurches”? Are we having a zombie GW repeat?

M: No, thank goodness. The lurch thing was just to add atmosphere, the guide thing was to show the staff ain’t all bad. Irving is the sisters’ first stop; the nurse thinks that’ll be great as he’ll be delighted to see them. (N.b. – it’ll be a good half hour before Irving manages a wan smile.)

T: He just stares. And stares. And asks, exasperatedly, what they’re doing there?

M: Nah – steely resolve this one; he tries to help the investigation by filling them in on the patients who killed themselves. He says the most recent one especially doesn’t fit with suicide – he’d found god.

T: I thought you wrote “gold” and I was thinking Hawley’d love that.

M: Yeah, why don’t they just combine everything into everything at this point? It could be treasure hidden by Abraham 200 years ago.

T: Yesssss. Or a specific gold coin left for the witnesses by zombie GW! You know – to defeat the eeeevil.


T: Oh YAY.

M: My caps lock was on totally by mistake


M: No, it was! Look at the non-caps ‘GW’ in there.

T: Hush. I refuse to believe.1 Also: why would your caps be on UNLESS YOU INTENDED IT FOR MEEEEEE

M: I meant to hit shift. THEY ARE RIGHT NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER. (That time I meant it.)

T: (I win I win I win) Okay so Irving knows these folks and at least one was not throwing up signs of suicide.

M: Precisely. So the Mills sisters go review security footage.

T: …. wait. Police work? color me surprised

M: Oh, first they have to murmur back and forth something about their motivations or whatever.

T: “Motivations”: the subtitle for this episode. Mama: Motivations… that’s a terrible title.

M: We do get a brief flashback where Jenny reveals she snuck into TPI as a child to see her mother, but only got to see her screaming and hollering and being dragged away by orderlies So… happy times!

T: That’s a) not surprising and b) really dark, Sleepy Hollow. Please don’t tell me it was on mother’s day or her birthday because that’s just cruel.

M: No mention of such facts.

T: Whew.

M: The footage is reviewed, and something important is found at the time the most recent suicide occurred. Is it spotted by Abbie a) in a reflection in a mirror on the tape b) written in shaky hands on the wall, visible when zoomed in or c) obvious when the ‘night vision overlay’ feature of the camera system is turned on?

T: What’s the phrase they always use on CSI and Castle, etc? “Can you zoom in on that?” “NO MY PIXELS ARE BROKE YOU HAG; IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. THIS IS NOT MAGIC” (and, to be clear, I just called Nathan Fillion a hag. Eternal apology, internet!!) Yeah… I’m going to go with the ridiculous C. because of course they’d “just” turn on a filter “just to see”.

M: You got it!

T: ::headdesk::

M: I was very happy I wasn’t eating or drinking when that occurred. It was gloriously ridiculous.

T: Whyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy?

M: Annnnd what do they see when they turn on the night vision overlay? No choices, just go for it.

T: Corporeal?

M: Nope.

T: Not a horseman? WAIT – their MOTHER? Reyes’ mother? That would really be a twist. JOHN CHO. I miss John Cho.

M: I just let you run with that – it was in fact their mother! Commercials!

T: I was thinking baby Moloch initially, but figured that would really be getting ahead of itself.

M: Although it would be nice and creepy. Back at the archives, Ichabod is complaining that “This eucalyptus therapy is having no effect.”

T: Did Abbie give him VICKS??! I love her.

M: Ichabod and Abbie are trying to sort out her mother’s presence – they agree that she wasn’t crazy-crazy, just driven that way by actual demons

T: Right.

M: We get a flashback where Shut-in Mama rails at her daughters for not taking the prescribed route home, but softens enough to hug them and remind them to trust no one.

T: As in “I know you saw Moloch, my naughty girls”?

M: No as in “Your friends may not be your friends!” or something to that effect. She’s clearly trying to protect them, but doing it in a way that clearly got child services called.

T: And Reyes.

M: Stop keeping track of things, would you?

T: 🙂

  1. T-shirt? Nah.  

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