House of DVF Episode 4: The Bitch is Out of the Bag

House of DVF (Photo: Timothy White / E!)
House of DVF (Photo: Timothy White / E!)

House of DVF plays with the reality competition genre conventions, with overlapping tasks and an unconventional elimination schedule. Love it!

There is so much to love about House of DVF, you guys. Rather than being an Apprentice/America’s Next Top Model clone with mini-challenge/main challenge/assorted dramz/elimination, this show plays with the genre in ways that span episodes, rather than being self-contained episodic narratives.

So here’s what happened this week. The candidates meet with Diane for a sale day for higher-end customers at Bergdorf Goodman. The purpose of the test is to see how well the candidates know the brand and their ability to sell to customers. Abigail, despite her outwardness in all other interactions, becomes incredibly introverted when it comes to sales. It does not go unnoticed by Diane or Jessica.

The next day the cast meets with Jessica and Michael (the art director) to discuss the wrap dress designs from last week.1 Jinna gets busted for looking hungover from extreme revelry from the night before, but her design she worked on with Brittany and Amanda gets praised. Abigail also gets positive feedback, so Kier and Lenore are assigned to work with her on moving the design through the prototype phase.

We’ll probably find out more about the design task next week, as the rest of this episode deals with setting up a lunch with editors from Architectural Digest. The candidates meet with Bronson Van Wyck, who will help with executing the event which is to showcase DVF’s interior fabrics collection. Lenore and Amanda work on securing a venue and have to choose between an elevated area at Fig & Olive or a room at The Standard. They go with F&O, but Bronson (with some nudging by Brittany) vetoes the choice and picks the Standard. Kier and Abigail are in charge of floral arrangements and don’t have too many issues, though the two women have different tastes. Jinna and Brittany are in charge of getting plates, silverware, and assorted decor, but they do not have any options to present at the meeting. Amanda tells Brittany it’s inappropriate to nudge Bronson on the other candidates’ presented options when she doesn’t bring anything to the table. The two bicker in front of Bronson, who reports the incident to Diane.

Diane has a one-on-one with Amanda about the incident and communication problems within the group. Her advice: forget about personalities and get the job done. Later, Amanda texts Brittany to clear the air and apologize, but Brittany isn’t interested. “You guys have taken the bitch out of the bag,” she episode titles, which is a much more fun phrase than “I’m not here to make friends.”

Setup for the lunch goes okay-ish. The antiques delivery is late, causing Brittany to have a conniption. There’s more bickering which comes from the stress of the event approaching, but overall the women did a great job of setting up the space. I thought the table was a little over-decorated, but the big concern was that the fabric pattern of the tablecloth was the same fabric pattern of Stefani’s dress. Oops.2

Diane notes there is seating for 13 people, but her superstitions will not allow for such an unlucky arrangement. She invites Brittany to sit with her since she is wearing DVF. Some of the candidates, particularly Amanda see this as a reward, but I think it is more like Kier’s situation last week where it could just as easily be a huge test. The other candidates work as servers while Brittany holds court with the AD editorial board. In the back room, one of the candidates notes how much this process is like The Bachelorette. “I just want some one-on-one time with Diane.” Hehe.

There is another girls’ night out, this time with the whole cast, and Jinna is out of control again. There’s no indication of how much time has passed, but we see her order tequila shots, a martini, some Tanqueray, and watch her drink from a magnum of vodka. Surprise: girlfriend cannot hold her liquor. Abigail and Brittany tsk tsk this tomfoolery.

The next day, Diane meets with Jessica and another assistant to assess the candidates. Kier is not likable, but has good ideas. Brittany presented herself well at the lunch, but Jessica finds her disingenuous. Amanda may be a source of friction within the group. Lenore has enthusiasm but is super-awkward. Diane feels she doesn’t know much about Jinna and that Abigail doesn’t carry the DVF presence. She invites Jinna and Abigail to chat.

But we don’t find out what happens until next week! Way to hook us in for Thanksgiving weekend, House of DVF.

  1. Ah, so it wasn’t just busywork.  
  2. In fairness, Stefani wore it better.  

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