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Jim tries to get Misti all bright and shiny in Malta on this week's Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 8: “Hot, Sexy Knights” — Malta is the newest country to be visited by The Amazing Race. It is too a country!

This week the six remaining teams on the Amazing Race leave Palermo, Sicily and head to the island nation of Malta. Sadly, none of the teams know that Malta is a thing, let alone an independent nation.1 Once the teams arrive, they stop at the Bridge Bar to pick up some drinks to deliver to some knights waiting up the hill. After the drinks are delivered without broken glass, the teams are sent to the Zurrieq Sea Inlet boat house to sign up for a morning boat trip. Before the trip, the teams get their Roadblock clue: “Who’s feeling blue?” The Roadblocker is taken to the Blue Grotto to rappel down the cliffside into the crystal blue water below.2 Once in the water, the Roadblocker swims to a cave to grab a clue. The teams are sent to the Church of St. Scholastica to find the clue for the Detour. This week features a Blind Detour, where  the teams do not learn the details of the tasks or their pros and cons:

Flag: The teams get to play Gostra, a Maltese game of running up a greased pole while trying to grab flags.

Shine: Go to the Gate of Provence and polish armor used by Maltese knights.

After the detour, the teams are free to head to the pit stop at Fort Manoel.

Here are how the teams ranked this week:

  1. Adam and Bethany (Last week: 5th place): The teams were instantly equalized thanks to the ferry ride from Sicily to Malta. The Soul Surfers were the first to reach the Bridge Bar and did a great job on the drink delivery task until Bethany dropped a glass in front of the Knights. Despite the minor setback of redoing the task, there was another equalizer with the morning boat ride to the Blue Grotto. Bethany made up time with the swimming portion of the Roadblock. At the detour, the couple technically chose Flag, but immediately used their Express Pass to skip the task (although Bethany said it looked like a lot of fun). Adam and Bethany each won $10,000 for checking in at the pit stop first.
  2. Misti and Jim (Last week: 1st place): The Dentists had some trouble getting started on the drink delivery task, dropping glasses before they even left the bar. They managed to score one of the earlier boat rides to the Roadblock, giving them a slight lead. Misti rocked the rappelling, but got slowed down by swimming. She and Jim found themselves at the Flag detour without actually going to the clue location first. After a few failed attempts, the couple realized they needed to get the Detour clue (and NOT choose Flag). Shining the armor was no different than cleaning a gold crown, so they made quick work of the task.
  3. Kym and Alli (Last week: 2nd place): The Cyclists are the biggest threat to the other teams. They decided to sit by themselves on the ferry to Malta, giving the other teams ample opportunity to conspire against them. As for the actual leg, Kym and Alli are the only team to complete the drink delivery task in one try. The Roadblock doesn’t present any problems and the women are the first to get to the detour clue. They try the Flag detour a handful of times, but decide to switch. Despite the time setback, the Cyclists are second to finish Shine and get to the pit stop.
  4. Amy and Maya (Last week: 3rd place): The Food Scientists get a little bit more of a narrative this week. When Amy found out they were going to be on The Amazing Race, she overdid it on the training and her knee is all wonky. There were struggles with the drink delivery task (they took the most tries and were last to finish) but no problems with the Roadblock. However, the pair lost time at the detour, choosing Flag and Amy not being able to run up the pole. Despite this lost time, they were methodical and scientific with shining the armor, with Maya celebrating their finish at the pit stop with a victory lap.
  5. Brooke and Robbie (Last week: 4th place): This week in Brooke is the Worst: she makes fun of Amy’s knee problems, she instantly freaks out at the drink delivery task, she laments her team’s taxi troubles despite their strategy of doing nothing and running out of ideas, she hates the cyclists for finishing the roadblock ahead of them (even though the cyclists were in the early group and the wrestlers in the late group), freaks out about shining armor and forces Robbie to switch detours, freaks out when she and Robbie do not like the new detour and switch back, and putting everything in the context of “this is one of the worst things I’ve ever done.” We only have to deal with that constant whining for part of one hour every week: could you imagine having to deal with that for 24 hours over how ever many days this race has taken place? Brooke’s only redeeming moment: asking “where do they come up with these sports?” when the wrestlers go to the Flag detour.
  6. Tim and Te Jay (Last week: 6th place): The College Sweethearts were spared last week thanks to a non-elimination leg. However, little errors here and there throughout the leg became too much to overcome. Tim struggled with rappelling and swimming in the Roadblock. They also missed the Detour point initially, which was especially problematic because that’s where their Speed Bump was located. After painting Maltese crosses on shields, the boys decided to do the Flag detour. After 10 failed attempts, the Wrestlers show up from switching in their task. After 25 failed attempts, the guys decide it might be time to switch detours. Although they make up a lot of time on the despondent Wrestlers, it isn’t enough and Tim and Te Jay are eliminated.

Next week on The Amazing Race: We finally leave Europe! Double U-Turn! Massage Therapy of Doom! Oh, and Jim might die in a high-wire accident.

  1. Heads up: we’ll have another post about Malta Tuesday. THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.  
  2. Adding this to my World Travel To Do List.  

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