5 Awesome Things About the Scandal Winter Finale

Olivia doesn't like what she is hearing on Scandal.
Scandal (Photo: Mitchell Haaseth / ABC)

This Week On Scandal: Where’s Papa Pope? OR Why ABC Didn’t Preempt ‘TGIT’ for the ACTUAL President of the United States.

This week on Scandal, we’re all still trying to find Papa Pope; me, you, Olivia, Fitz, Quinn, Huck, Mama Pope (’cause they let her out for a hot second).  Unfortunately, Liv finds him sitting at her dining room table holding a gun one night awaiting her return home.  She thinks he’ll shoot her, but then she’s going to shoot him until the gun’s empty, and Papa Pope’s all ‘how dare you’ and then some, and suddenly he’s in the wind again.

Meanwhile, Cyrus hands in his resignation because now the public knows about his call-boy/Michael and he refuses to make a deal, at least until the last five minutes. Because everything always happens in: THE. LAST. FIVE. MINUTES.  And Scandal is no exception to that ‘finale rule.’

Attorney General, David Rosen pops in for a spell  to subpoena Abby about the Chief of Staff’s illicit affair and gets some info his heart wasn’t ready for.  Poor David, Poor Michelle (not Obama).

Huck’s got his own trouble, but luckily after witnessing a murder last week on Scandal, his son is back home and he can give his, ex, wife the full report of what happened to him.

Then we find out the Vice President and Elizabeth North weren’t just in bed with each other, but the West Angolan terrorists who blew up the VP’s SUV last week, conveniently before he got into it.

Finally, dramatic pause, Olivia wants the sun with Jake and the stars in Vermont with Fitz, blah blah blah and they’re getting ready to have sex on a piano, but the VP knows how to kidnap the one thing the President can’t live without after he failed to retaliate against the people who blew up his best friend/VP’s car.  Where’s Olivia?

Charge her and lock her up.  As for my father, hunt him, find him and kill him.’  When your mama no longer dances and your daddy no longer rock’n rolls.

‘Theres a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.’ ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who spout that tired quote to justify their bad behavior’

Sexy-times‘ photos of Cyrus and his boy-toy go viral when Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) finds out Olivia sold her to Chief of Staff Bean.

Love: America loves a love story.  So the song Endless Love, conveniently playing while Quinn fights with her B16 assassin/lover Charlie.  Then Papa Pope tell his daughter she has no concept of love.

When she pulls the trigger to shoot her father and he already removed the bullets.  He then tells her never in a million years did he think she would pull that trigger.  But of course he took the bullets out anyway, didn’t he. Mmmmhm.

Honorable Mention: ‘I’m nobody’s bitch, baby!’  Cyrus Bean, back in the White House and ‘marrying a whore.’

Most Honorable Mention: I’m still not sure where the newest sovereign nation of WEST Angola is.  Somebody tell me! Anyone, Anyone?  Bueller?

Maybe we’ll find out in January, same Shonday place, same Shonday time.

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