Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: The Game is Afoot

Baylor and Natalie put their feet into the Immunity Challenge on Survivor
Survivor San Juan Del Sur (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: San Juan Del Zzzzz Episode 9: “Getting to Crunch Time” — This season is broken.

Previously on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Josh recruited Jon and Jaclyn to go after Jeremy. However, when Jon was sent to Exile after the reward challenge, Jaclyn’s supposed alliance-mates wouldn’t treat her with any respect. Armed with the Hidden Immunity Idol Jon found at Exile and Jaclyn’s information, the power couple decided to get rid of Josh. Besides, Jeremy won Immunity, so Plan B had to go into effect.


#Huyopa, Night 21. Reed is furious that his boyfriend got voted out of the game and now he has to figure out how to move forward. Meanwhile, Jon feels remorse for having to get rid of Josh, even though his instincts told him that was the right move. I’m kind of surprised Jon made it this far given his lack of desire to play the game. Keith chimes in that he had no idea that Josh was going to get the boot. His aloofness has me concerned he’s somehow going to bumble his way into the Final 3.

Challenge Arena

Day 22’s challenge has the tribe split into two teams to engage in a wobble beam slap fight. One player from each team will step onto a beam over a mud pit and attempt to knock their opponent off. The first team to five points gets to eat pastrami on a boat. Blah blah blah, they go to a 4-4 tie with Missy and Baylor facing off in the final match. Probst waxes philosophical about how this match-up is the epitome of Blood vs. Water. Shut up, Jeff. Baylor wins, giving her teammates Alec, Reed, Natalie and Jeremy the reward. However, Natalie and Jeremy decide they want to thank Jon and Jaclyn for siding with them at the last Tribal Council by giving them their pastrami sandwiches. In return, the winning team sends Jeremy to Exile.

Camp Life

There isn’t much to report here. Everyone tries to sound profound calling Natalie’s gesture transparent and self-serving. Yeah, no shit: I think Natalie would be the first to tell you subtlety is not in her skill set. Wes, also lacking in subtlety, asks Natalie to let him know if he’s the next to go because he doesn’t want to be “hashtag blindsided.” Friggity frak, yo. One of these knuckleheads will be getting a million dollars in a few weeks.

Exile Island

Jeremy gets the Hidden Immunity Idol clue, which is more specific than the one Jon got last week. Not that it matters since the HII has already been claimed. Jeremy has to spend two nights in Exile, and the second night was not particularly restful. We see a bedraggled Keith half-heartedly looking for the HII. He’s in just his underwear and…um…it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. #NoBlur

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