Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Heartless’

T: Katrina






slash “spying”

M: awhaaaaaaaaa?

T: To be “closer to Moloch” and to “turn Henry”.

M: This will work. As in, this will make it so the writers don’t have to figure out what they’re doing with the character

T: RIGHT. Ichabod at first is all “nooooo” (Katrina smartly makes Abbie tell him after she’s already skedaddled) but then Ichabod decided to go noble with a “I forget that, as well as being my wife, she is also a powerful operative. I will have faith in our love.” voice over voice over voice over while we watch Katrina enter the house with Abraham…and go towards the crib where Henry is standing.

M: Smiling creepily.

T: The light glints, for a soft meaningful moment, on the necklace Katrina continues to wear. And then she leans over the edge of the crib and she sees…

M: Wait, wasn’t that necklace cursed?

T: It is cursed to allow her to see Abraham with a face.

M: Ah yes. (I’m avoiding the question because I can’t believe I didn’t think of this episode ending cliffhanger.)

T: (It’s a good cliffhanger, actually, but only because of this moment.)

M: Lesse… twins?

T: Overdoing it, Mucciolo.

M: Ah. Half a child?

T: EW you jerk.

M: Like, a magically halved and still alive child! Or a still-being-spawned demon child thingie.

T: A BABY, not a creature.

M: A baby!

T: A beautiful, grinning, cooing, healthy, round baby.

M: But from whence did this baby come? Who’s the daddy? Scandal rocks the quiet town of Sleepy Hollow!

T: Tune in Next Week: Will Abraham’s Sainted Cousin Show Up and HomeWreck?

M: (It’s the fourth horseman, isn’t it?)

T: So that’s where we are. I actually really didn’t like this episode.

M: Yeah, it sounded pretty blah.

T: Last week was my gift. This was like a “we used it all up, sorry” week. No Reyes. No Irving. No Jenny.

M: Is Jenny filming a movie or something? The plotting this season makes no sense.

T: NONE. I don’t know what they’re doing anymore. Is there a plan? Mommy Katrina fits with my prediction that this is the parenting season but GAH it’s a really slender thread. And come ON I want dragon Katrina to bust out already and slaughter a village or two.

M: This was episode… eight?

T: Mmmmhm. Help us all.

M: They’ve sort of halfheartedly raised the idea of Henry as a strong rogue agent and even less heartedly about the possibility of saving him. This is like a Restoration play, everyone just standing around  stating things and thus creating that reality. Well, at least next week looks a little interesting. Did you see the previews?

T: Uh, nope. I might get to it, but no promises. Meanwhile: my eyes hurt. I’m going to take out my contacts and sleep. Flying back tomorrow.

M: Rest, safe travels, don’t worry about watching this week.

T: Cheers you! Thanks for getting excited enough for caps, even if it was about the Winchesters. (And behbeh Moloch!!)


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