Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Heartless’

T: The “what could she be collecting souls for” is a legitimate question. Henry raised her; why does he need souls? He has one himself, Abraham’s headless but doing fine1 so….

M: Moloch’s actually pulling the strings.

T: YAY. BRAVA. Henry’s actually NOT going rogue in this episode!

M: That sneaky Moloch and his sneaky string pulling! Seriously though, could Henry have gotten away with doing that again? It would have made Moloch’s threats completely toothless.

T: Here’s a weird q: if Moloch was being gestated in Katrina and the prism shattered him, is he now Kaput?

M: I’m assuming that her womb was just a doorway, a way for him to assume corporeal form, and he’s just stuck in whatever limbo space Henry visits him in.

T: Okay, cuz that threw me. I was concerned that they’d just offed their string-puller at the end of last episode.

M: They could have gotten away with it by having Henry become a stronger evil presence, jumping up the evil ladder as it were. But that’s moot.

T: Not happening. Alas. There has to be the hint that Henry might be good.

M: …so Moloch using ladykiller hotpants.

T: And off Abbie goes to ask Hawley if he has any succubus-killing stuff lying about, tracks him down to his bar, he gives her eyes, she gives him face, he says “sorry toots I’m fresh out of succubus-killing stuff” (or something to that effect) “but sit a while and have a drink with me” and she turns him down. And hawley, in a show of braggadocio and bruised male ego, struts himself over to two other ladies at the bar and makes himself comfy. By which we are to read: Hawley Totally Lurves Abbie.

M: Is this just setting him up to be the last potential victim of the succubus?

T: Now then – Hawley’s fate? Is this the last of the golden haired, Pantene-approved, knife-wielding, Jenny-kissing, bar hopper?

M: No, but him getting saved from the succubus gives him a new view on the Mills gals, and maybe even Shakespeare.

T: Dangit, that’s what was missing! No new name for Ichabod.

M: The only thing wrong with this episode, eh?

T: Oh. We’ll get to that. They totally used up (almost) all their Tanya-gifts last episode. Also: I want Katrina to get a haircut. Hear that, writers? Something soft and silky and edgy. None of this Veronica Lake blah blah business.

M: She’d need a new outfit; that sort of hair wouldn’t go with the current corset ensemble.

T: I bet she looks fab in Gap. Soft chambray and skinny jeans could totally be her thing. Katrina uses some of her magic to figure out where the succubus is.

M: (I just had to look up chambray.)

T: (of course) which points the team back to Hawley’s boat yard. Off they go to rescue the guy, because heaven forbid he be damaged.

M: He’s a vital character who adds much to this show!

T: mmmpf

M: Wait, he wasn’t even in the last episode was he?

  1. mostly. He misses Katrina.  

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