House of DVF Episode 3: Why Did I Do This?

House of DVF (Photo: Timothy White / E!)
House of DVF (Photo: Timothy White / E!)

The House of DVF heads to the CFDA Awards as Diane Von Furstenberg celebrates the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress.

This week the House of DVF celebrates the 40th anniversary of Diane Von Furstenberg’s creation of the wrap dress. This will coincide with the press presentation of DVF’s new line, where the candidates will play an active role. First, each must design their own wrap dress, which makes no sense as some of the candidates do not know the first thing about designing clothes. The good news: this is not a Project Runway challenge. As the “designers” work on sketches, Diane comes in to tell them about the CFDA Awards, which will be happening that evening and will feature guests like Tom Ford and Rihanna (the singer, not the contestant booted the first week). The candidates won’t be attending, but DVF felt like they should know what she’s up to BYE.

Not quite BYE: Diane asks to meet with Kier. This is either really good news or really bad news. Kier goes up to Diane’s office for the one-on-one. “Why do you think I called you up here?” Diane asks. Kier takes a moment before offering a sheepish “I was hoping so you could get to know me…?” Diane tells the candidate she’s on the fence about keeping Kier because DVF thinks she may be “the bitch of the group.” Kier says her boldness comes from defensiveness, which I think makes sense. Insecurity is a breeding ground for that sort of thing. Diane tries to set her straight, saying “you don’t have to be a bitch to be successful.” Diane wants to get a better assessment of the real Kier and invites her to attend the CFDA Awards.

Kier skips into the workroom and brags about what just happened. “That’s some bullshit,” someone (I think Abigail) says. Well, yes. Kier forces a hug out of her friend Lenore then skips out of the room to go get a makeover and an outfit for the event. Jinna and Amanda are not pleased that “Barbie’s” behavior has been rewarded. Lenore asks the other candidates to cool it with the “Barbie” comments since Kier has dealt with bullying in the past. The topic moves to speculating whether this event is a reward or test for Kier, since one-on-one time could easily backfire.

Jessica Joffe meets with Kier for the makeover and fitting. Kier tries on one dress and Jessica does not like the look. She says it is too revealing and not flattering (both true) and Kier is instantly on the verge of tears. It’s not your fault the dress is wrong, Kier. The dress looked more appropriate for a nighttime gala rather than an early evening award show. Jessica has no idea why Kier is crying, and grows concerned that someone could be this fragile in a business setting.

As the other candidates clean and prep the showroom for the press presentation, Kier meets with Diane to head to the awards. In the car ride, Diane admits she almost changed her mind about bringing Kier, then asks how she would have felt if she were uninvited. Kier hesitates in answering, which does not impress Diane. Kier explains every question is a catch-22, where one answer could be seen as lacking confidence while another could be read as arrogance. Diane advises Kier to speak the truth with confidence. Diane asks if Kier told the other contestants about the awards. Kier said she did but that they weren’t all thrilled. “The success of every single woman is an inspiration for another,” Diane says. Kier interviews she is getting worn down by all the criticism.

Kier struggles at the CFDA Awards. Although she is able to get a few photobomb selfies of celebs, her efforts to get facetime with anyone, including Diane, do not pan out. She doesn’t commit any faux pas, which Diane notices and appreciates. After the event, Kier and Lenore hangout and look at all of Kier’s photos. Lenore notices the sadness both in person and on the phone. Diane mentioned to Kier to avoid being matchy-matchy with her makeup/accessories and to go for simpler colors. Kier thinks Diane may be stuck in her ways in her approach to attracting the millennial woman audience, but Lenore reminds Kier that DVF’s vision will be what signs checks, so just roll with it.

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