Survivor San Juan Del Zzzzz: J Walking

Exile Island

Jon dies as soon as the Exile Island camera turns on. Just kidding. As he heads to the clue urn, we hear an interview where he says he hopes Jaclyn can use this time to create some separation within their pairing so that neither is accused of riding coattails. He opens the urn and finds a poem with clues to a new Hidden Immunity Idol. The clue leads him to the Exile Island Establishing Shot Spire and he quickly finds the idol.

Immunity Challenge

Jon returns and the players line up for a game of memory. Probst holds up a number of tiles with pictures, then the players have to repeat the pattern back. It’s not the most exciting challenge, though Josh and Jeremy end up as the last two players standing. However, Josh biffs and Jeremy buys more time on the island.


Jon lets Jaclyn know he has the HII as soon as they return to camp. Later, she tells Jon what happened while he was gone and that she isn’t interested in playing with the guys anymore. She also brings up the good point that she and Jon will have a better chance in the immunity challenges against Missy and Baylor than Wes and Alec. Jon’s problem is that he thinks Jeremy would win at final three because he’s a fireman struggling to make ends meet. That is not a compelling narrative in the world of Survivor. Jaclyn tells Jon he’s stupid for thinking that far ahead, and she is my favorite player this season. Seriously, knock out the couples, get down to seven, then vote out Jeremy with Missy and Baylor.

Tribal Council

Josh and Jeremy both say they needed immunity this week, which leads to a discussion of how the merged tribe has split itself up. Wes, who still hasn’t learned to stop talking, tells everyone his crew is the guys (minus Jon and Jeremy). Nice politicking, guy. Jon and Jaclyn, with a heavy assist from Probst, claim their status as swing votes and hear pitches from both sides. Natalie vouches for what Jaclyn told Jon about how the guys would not give her the time of day without her boyfriend around. Reed asks for the chance at rebuttal and makes a pitch for couples. Why that doesn’t rub Alec the wrong way is beyond me. Also, Missy and Baylor aren’t part of that conversation either, so there’s no “couples alliance.”

Time to vote. Alec votes for Baylor and Baylor votes for Josh. As expected, the vote comes down to Josh or Baylor. Team JJ dynomites Josh, making him the first member of the Jury.

Next time on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Josh decides to up his game by rummaging through people’s things. My, what a nice idol you have there, Keith.

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