The Good Wife: Red Zone

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Alicia’s having visions again, Cary’s growling, and Kalinda’s dealing with three powerful people who wants things from her. I wonder how that’ll turn out.

For several episodes I’ve been complaining about Alicia being a terrible mom and lawyer, Cary being a terrible character, and Kalinda’s case of the hots for Cary seeming out of character. The good news? Only two of those three things happened in this week’s episode!

She Just Seems Selfish

Eli and Johnny are running focus groups for Alicia; more people like Frank Prady than Alicia. Quel surprise. Alicia hears one woman calling her selfish, and immediately gets paranoid. Visiting Finn in his new offices, Alicia wonders aloud about the focus group comments she heard. He suggests that, if she actually wants to do something good, she could join him at a soup kitchen later that week. Alicia shows up late to the meal1 and gets stuck on pot duty. Photos of her chatting on the phone (with Eli) while “scrubbing a clean pot” show up in the tabloids, and Eli reads her the riot act.2 He sets up a proper photo-op … and, magically, Frank Castro drops out of the race?

Oh Great, Because Rape is Never Controversial

Owen asks Alicia to advocate for a student who was raped, and who wants her rapist expelled. Troy the Rapist keeps interrupting Jody’s testimony, but when Alicia tries to speak up on Jody’s behalf, the panel reminds her that she’s present as a “silent advocate.” So Alicia starts sending Jody advice via texts. The panel finds there’s not enough evidence to expel Troy, so Alicia proclaims they’re suing for lack of due process under Title IX. The opposing lawyer? Louis Canning, of course. It’s a stalemate until, thanks to graffiti on campus containing the names of dozens of accused rapists, Alicia forms a fledgling class action suit against the university. Except wait — random room search to the rescue! — the university finds a buttload of pot in Troy’s room, and expels him under that pretense. With him out of her life, Jody wants no part of a continued legal battle, and the class action dies on the vine.

It’s Not A Lie In The Way That You Mean It

The wire being used against Cary sounds bad because the beginning and end have been edited out. Cary’s the only one who can explain; he needs to testify. FA&L hires an outside lawyer, Viola Walsh, to test Cary’s competence as a witness. To no one’s surprise, he’s terrible, and Viola promptly gets him to talk himself into a corner. Cary’s facing ten years in prison, and what does TMFRH do? He sneaks into Kalinda’s apartment and asks her to prove she cares about him by not seeing Delaney for the next two weeks. She’s all like, NOAP. Alicia gives him a wake-up call, observing that his anger and indignation come across as entitlement, and telling him to get himself under control. It works; during the next mock examination, he’s calm, cool, and collected.

It’s Like I’m Holding You Hostage

Bishop knows the Feds are investigating him, and is suspicious of Kalinda’s relationship with Agent (Lana) Delaney. Kalinda promises him that Lana isn’t a threat, but he refuses to take her word for it, and wants proof. She hears Lana talking about Bishop and the State’s Attorney through the bathroom door one evening, but tries to throw him off the trail by saying she’s working on “white collar crime.” Bishop doesn’t believe her, and asks her to put a tracking device in Lana’s wallet. Kalinda takes the tracker, and has the opportunity, but instead snaps the device in half.

Missing in Action

Jackie has yet to make an appearance this season, and I’m pretty unhappy about that, so I’m just going to share some Mary Beth Peil facts with you. Did you know: she is a trained opera singer, and since 2008, she has appeared on Broadway in Sunday in the Park with George, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and most recently, Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, alongside Bernadette Peters and Elaine Paige? Looks like Jackie won’t be with us for a while, as Mary Beth is being featured in the American premiere of a play at the Atlantic Theater Company next month. Harumph.

… of the Week

Kalinda Moment: “I don’t wanna be with anybody else.” “Well, I do.” YASSSSSS this message brought to you by don’t date him girl dot com

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Eli Moment: “Oh, pfft, that’s just her. Stuck-up bitch. Everybody likes you.” LOL

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Cameo: I appreciated Rita Wilson’s return as Viola Walsh, but special kudos have to go to Madeleine Martin for her portrayal of Jody Milam, Owen’s student. Mostly, I love the way she totally enforced her own boundaries when Alicia failed to actually, you know, ASK if she wanted to proceed with the class action once her rapist was expelled. From the very beginning, Jody was introduced as a character who didn’t want “to upend her life” — she just wanted Troy gone. Good for you, Jody, for not letting Alicia use your life to feel better about herself.

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Because I Felt Like It:

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
  1. STILL IN HER WORK CLOTHES. What the hell, honestly?!  
  2. “If you really want to be a good person, I’ll tell you where to send the check.”  

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  • bsawhill

    I am genuinely convinced that this show has run out of money. First it was lighting, then it was the background music, now they seem to have given the boot to the acting coaches.

    Finest moment of bad acting this show was Cary clearing his desk in a supposed rage. (Can we haz gif of that, puhleeeeeze?) Upon review it seems he was actually growling in that scene. Srsly? I thought it was one of my dogs having a bad dream on the couch. Nope, it was Cary, acting.

    Is it wrong of me to:

    *hope that Kalinda and Bishop hook up and just get far far away from this crowd?

    *want a GIANT WIND MACHINE to blow Alicia around a bit? Seriously? Not even an apron? Seeing as how she averages about $1000 a costume change ( I find this somewhat bizarre. What I would have given for Ragu sauce on that frock.

  • Aaron Mucciolo

    There is *way* too much stainless steel in that kitchen. What is that behind her, an industrial pressure cooker?