You’re Tearing Me Apart, Gotham!

GOTHAM: Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith)
Gotham (Photo: FOX)

Original title? Hey Have You Heard About This Half-Decent Anthology Show Called Gotham?

I really need to learn emoji, as I’m certain there’s a combination of smiley faces with props that succinctly express my feelings about Gotham, a subject about which I’ve already expended far too many pixels. Rather than retread the same, limp waters1 we’ll damn Gotham with faint comparisons to shows that are currently doing its bits better:

If you want moody action and bits of mystery, watch Sleepy Hollow. They also know how to have a mismatched duo share some goals and work at cross purposes on others. Unlike whatever the hell is happening/not happening with every character on Gotham.

If you want a show where everyone gets what parts they’re playing and plays off of one another, sometimes sacrificing themselves for the strength of the scene because they know they’ll get their own moment to shine, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I know it’s a half hour comedy, but there’s more realness of character in a rimshot scene there than in some entire episodes of Batman for Beginners, here.2

If you want to watch Ben MacKenzie and Donal Logue play cops, and play them well, and watch a damn good cop show – I mean, like, really very good on many levels – watch Southland and Terriers, respectively.

If you want a semi-procedural with an overarching plot lingering around and occasionally leaping to the fore in really, really cool ways, watch The Blacklist. You know, like the whole murder-of-the-Wayne’s thing was supposed to be in Gotham before it was reduced to an expository, semi-rhetorical question last night.

Gah. I had not just hopes for Gotham but high ones. Maybe it’ll pull its head out of its ass late in its first season, or even find its stride in its second. Meanwhile, I expect I’ll still watch, although likely in the background, or perhaps on-demand at some point after I’ve reclaimed my Monday nights for pub trivia.

This fall looked to be so promising, but our enthusiasm has been dropping like flies over here at WEIO. Starting next week we get State of Affairs, a show with similar promise, more of a serial backing3, and doubtless the same disappointing results unless Katherine Heigl manages to charm me.4

But at least I’ll no longer be trying to find new ways to describe why Gotham isn’t anything, least of all what it should have been.

  1. I don’t know where I was going with that simile.  
  2. Seriously, I actively do not care about Jim Gordon at this point – they’ve made him 63% one liners backed by intense eyes.  
  3. NBC doesn’t do week-to-week well, unless it’s Dick Wolf.  
  4. I don’t charm easily, Ms. Heigl, although you are very welcome to try.  

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