Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Deliverance’

T: Right. Sulky Ichabod, studly Abraham. Got it. Inferiority complex because Ichy’s hair will NEVER do Abraham’s sausage curls.

M: Back to the book, this whole inception is the result of – and here, I quote: “Birthing seed of eastern origin” derived, of course, from that poison stuff from last episode. (This being the only connection to that episode.)

T: “Birthing *seed*” What is it, tanis root? Is it going to be a mummy baby? It would be SO much better if it was a magicked apple pip because that’s got American tie-ins all over it. Next up: Johnny Appleseed was planting demon trees all over America for Moloch.

M: There’s a retcon for you. Katrina notes that the jenka or whatever has been used for *centuries* to… wait for it… create demons.

T: …in HER




So – spider demon?

M: And with that revelation the door hex goes aflame and the trio scramble for the tunnels.

T: Or is the spider form no longer relevant?

M: Did you see Cabin in the Woods?

T: Nope

M: You should, it’s pretty good. But now I’m thinking Spiderbat. Anyway, tunnel escape that leads them to the church where Henry was left/chose his new name. Which – was that actually connected to the tunnels in any way? I thought it was waaaay outside of town.

T: …I have no idea. I think all of Sleepy Hollow has tunnel connections.

M: It’s true – there was a huge one underneath our 1950s split level ranch.

T: Truly?

M: No. Next we get some debate about the danger of staying put and this leads to a long (felt that way at least) argument about whether Henry can be saved/is worth fighting for/etc.

T: Oh dear. Mommy guilt and anxiety. THIS IS THE MOTHER SEASON I swear.

M: It’s the parents’ episode for sure.

T: The mother of all episodes?

M: ….

T: Ignore and carry on.

M: I always do. Ichabod points out that the chances of Henry helping out are very small – but the timeline is so short they have to try. Thus Abbie is outvoted regarding this stupid plan.

T: Um ok.

M: Hmmm… what to discuss of these interminable scenes… Okay, start with this – Abbie keeps researching and makes a startling discovery: the particular demon inside Katrina is … Our Horrored King. Or maybe Our Horned King. It’s really unclear because no one on this show speaks with good diction anymore.

T: Moloch? Inside our wheezy dragon princess?

M: Precisely!

T: So it’s definitely not Abraham’s spawn – whew Ichabod!

M: At the same time, Ichabod’s learning this same info from Henry, while also trying to talk him into not killing his mother.

T: Awwww, how familial!

M: Also, Katrina took off her corset, presumably because it was feeling tight, at which point her belly expands to full on pregnancy.


M: No.

T: Fast pregnancy?

M: I will stop watching and being your friend if that occurs

T: Killing her from the inside?

M: Softly.

T: HEHEH snort. I’m just saying: symptoms are, sparkly witch baby.

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