Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Deliverance’

T: Oh no Henry’s zombie army! Oh wait, that was Moloch’s. Henry’s golem-ish army.

M: These guys are actual people. With light-shiny things.

T: Ah. Henry ate their sins, they owe him.

M: A brief eye exam reveals that things are going according to plan. Apparently. So they start to drag Katrina away with them.

T: WHOSE EYE EXAM? Oh Katrina’s? You know they’re both glass – she blinks too much for them to be real eyes.

M: Why would you blink with glass eyes? Wouldn’t you blink less?

T: Ill-fitting-ness? I didn’t say they were good glass eyes.

M: Tanya, of all your various theories, this is definitely one of them.

T: One of the best, you mean? Thank you. ::pious hand fold::

M: Despite Henry murmuring ‘I’m sorry my friend’, Abraham isn’t too keen on Katrina being dragged away.

T: I’m sure he isn’t.

M: He protests – with his fists!

T: OH – against the dudes, or against Henry?

M: The dudes – really he just tries to snatch Katrina back. Henry makes short work of this plan by… opening the blinds.

T: Ooooooo Henry.

M: And the Horseman’s all sizzle sizzle sizzle.

T: And Henry slowly grins to something only he can see.

M: I’ll note that this back and forth between Abraham when in shadows and Horseman when in the sunlight was pretty good – it drove the scene a little better than just one or the other would have.

T: Nice.

M: During the kerfuffle, Katrina makes her move. Does she escape?

T: No. When does she ever?

M: This time!





M: (well spelt) Yes!

T: (thank you) Well, I just gasped. I Katrina’d.

M: Yah yah. But my question to you, now, is how does she escape?

T: Oh MOOCH! Does the turn into a DRAGON?!

M: No. Your birthday present does not involve giant lizards of any sort.

T: Does she just run away while Abraham’s thrashing and sizzling? Does she KNEECAP HENRY HER OWN SON? Does she go St George on them and call up a spear and stab a couple of mysterious-not-Hessians? Does she stumble to the left and fall down a hole?

M: I let you keep guessing, but you had it right the first time. 🙂

T: Oh ffs TEPID. Really? So what’s the stupid synopsis on about, then? The girl can save herself on her own legs, thank you very much inefficient goons.

M: I stared in mild disbelief myself. She thrashed through the woods for a few seconds and screamed ‘help me’ to a couple of helpful gas station attendants across the road.

T: Is this going to be an urban legend where the gas station guy is really a murderer and now he wants to kill Katrina?

M: I said these are helpful gas station attendants.

T: Untill…….


T: Fine, go on.

M: Back at the polling place, Abbie is forced polite to Reyes.

T: Are they at outs? Or just at odds?

M: Ehhhh… I think this brief exchange was just a setup for stuff later in the episode where Reyes keeps on ‘I don’t really trust you yet, Mills…’


M: (Spoiler, Reyes is also not a dragon.)

T: (DAMMIT I might as well go to bed now.)

M: The more important thing that happens is Deputy Friendly Exposition – remember him?! – tells Abbie (and Ichabod) that a redheaded Jane Doe in ‘complete colonial attire’ was just transported to the hospital.

T: WHAT. YES. CAROLINE LIVES. (jk, she totally got drowned that one episode) (and showed up in Bones, so she’s fine in her career. she got to cry all over Hodgins)

M: Recurring role?

T: Yup. One of the squints.

M: Wait, why on earth are you watching Bones?

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