Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Deliverance’

Abbie (Nicole Beharie) on Fox's Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)

No banjos. But Sleepy Hollow does gift wrap an episode right into Tanya’s wheelhouse.

Between travel schedules, ‘jobs’, and familial commitments, lovers of Sleepy Hollow Tanya and Mooch don’t always get the chance to watch an episode within the week after its initial broadcast. Fortunately, at least one of the pair does. Even more fortunately, the other of the pair is more than willing to guess wildly about what actually happened.

This week’s transcript was edited for space, most of the amusing stuff at the polling place, and a semi-relevant diversion about romance novels.

The podcast may still occur, one of these days.

M: Before we even start.

T: Yes.

M: I am certain this company/ad campaign was male-conceived, because they named the place ‘Universal Technical Institute’ and keep referring to it by its acronym.


M: And it’s starting to make me laugh.

T: Bad acronym. Just bad.

M: There seriously could not have been a woman near the room when that was created.

T: She woulda been like, “uh, guys? nooooooo” and then expelled someone from the room. Oh I want chocolate (defenestrating imaginary folk makes me hungry).

M: Are you getting chocolate then? Shall I wait? Or is it always in arm’s reach?

T: Oh no, I had some on the table. I’m efficient.

M: Now, be warned – there are one or two things this episode that are going to absolutely delight and/or enrage you.

T: Okay GO.

M: (waiting for a band joke)

T: Ok go! ::treadmill:: ….happy now?

M: Very. First thing’s first, let us consider this episode synopsis from Charter On Demand: “Abbie and Ichabod learn that Katrina is in imminent danger and they race against the clock to help her.”

T: Oh goodness. That’s tepid.

M: I know! And it’s not to the level of brilliance that was that one episode of 24 – ‘Jack must take increasingly drastic measures to deal with the terrorist threat.’

T: …. You’re ruining my birthday buzz, blurb writers.

M: IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY? (I never look at my calender)

T: It WAS yesterday! I’m OLD now. Like, I made a retirement joke old.

M: Happy Birthday 364 days early, because I’m that prompt.

T: 🙂 Oh you. You shouldn’t have.

M: I almost didn’t, but it is you. Hokay, let’s get into this episode, because why not.

T: Exactly.

M: “Because why not?” is pretty much the show’s motto at this point.

T: So either Moloch is like “ugh the hellfire shard isn’t worth it”, or Reyes REALLY IS EVIL, or uh, Abraham’s like, “wait… she’s playing me”

M: Moloch decides this is all too much and goes to the Bahamas.

T: Mai tai time for Moloch! (That’s Shiba’s next band.)

M: So today, as in the show’s today, is Election Day…

T: Is there voter fraud in Sleepy Hollow??

M: Is Ichabod pleased by the state of voting in America today or no?

T: Well geez, no. The man isn’t happy about anything in the modern world except for cappuccinos and Abbie’s car,

M: Neither of which are on the ballot. Correct! He starts by muttering about 40% voter turnout.

T: HA. Of course! He knows STATS.

M: Although Abbie shuts him up by pointing out that not one but two constitutional amendments were required to allow her to stand there

T: Oh. Snap. Sassy Abbie is back!

M: But he does also note (both of them smiling a little) that Abbie doesn’t own large tracts of land so she would have been thrice disenfranchised back in the day.

T: Awww Ichabod. Winning the hearts of POCs since, uh…

M: …whenever that friend of his from that one episode got killed.

T: Yup. Then.

M: Then we get a key piece of lore – Abbie says she pays all of Ichabod’s bills.

T: Y E S. I knew it! ::fist pump::

M: He wasn’t getting paid to do any work with SHPD.

T: ::marching through the house fake-trumpeting my glory:: Wait, ever ever? Why was Reyes all, uh-uh payroll nope then?

M: As I think about this, this ep is going to be a great big birthday present to you on several fronts. I don’t think he was ever getting paid. He didn’t have contemporary (fake) ID until this season.

T: Right, no W2. And Abbie brings him groceries to the cabin – oo, can Ichabod COOK? Does he like Chef Boyardee? Does he hate Chef Boyardee? Can he even work a microwave? Does he understand cupa soup/ramen?

M: All good questions!

T: Has he eaten a bagel yet?

M: None of them are even remotely addressed today.

T: Has he eaten takeout Indian?

M: There’s no evidence he’s had a complete donut – we only saw him enjoy the holes in season 1.

T: I weep for this man’s waistline and bmi.

M: He’s doing yoga, he’ll be fine. Sidebar, my officemate and I were validating her lunch choices the other day on the basis that she’d made plans to sign up for gym membership. Anyhoo, let’s get back to Katrina since she’s apparently the important part of this episode.

T: “Made plans” snerk. That’s like me and, uh, walking. Right that. Spidery-breath.

M: Precisely. Henry shows up with some menacing looking folks, one of whom is a doctor of sorts – he has that light thingie they shine in your eyes and everything. I assumed they were Hessians, we’ll soon find out they are something else……

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