The Amazing Race: Everyone Wants Pizza

The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 7: “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientists” — The six remaining teams finally leave Morocco and go go-karting and fresco-painting in Sicily.

We’re down to half the teams that started on this edition of The Amazing Race, and it still feels like the teams haven’t really gotten to the majority of the world yet.  After some time in Europe and Morocco, the teams are just getting to the Mediterranean and Sicily this week.  Nevermind that, it’s the 300th leg of the Amazing Race ever!  The teams celebrate this by doing a bunch of tasks that have nothing to do with this.  After landing in Sicily, they head to the Teatra di Verdura, where teams lose any lead they may have had as they wait for the next morning.  After spending a night dancing the tarantella, they’re given a clue that sends them to Villa Constanza for a Roadblock.  One member from each team has just over 4 minutes to get all the way up a racetrack in a go-kart.  If they’re successful, a vintage auto will take them to their teammate1.  From here, the teams have a choice of two tasks, each with their own challenges:

  • PAINTERS: Restore a fresco while lying on your back.  Teams receive a clue after the overseer has approved the work they’ve done restoring their part of the fresco.  Only four teams are able to do this task2
  • POSERS: After viewing a showcase of 10 opera singers, go to the costume shop and remember the costumes the performers were wearing from left to right.

Of the tasks, Posers seems easier – it’s a memory challenge, but it seems considerably less nitpick-y than the fresco work, which requires a steady hand and some semblance of artistic talent.  After the detour, teams head to Villa Niscemi, this week’s pitstop.  The last team to arrive, as always, may be eliminated.

Here’s how the teams ranked this week:

  1. Misti/Jim (1st place last week) — The Dentists continue their dominance in the competition.  After catching the earlier flight along with the Cyclists, they share a cab to Teatro di Verdura.  This ends up giving no one an advantage (as both teams need to wait until the next morning to get the next clue).  At the roadblock, Jim beats Kim up the racecourse and is first to ride down to the next task.  Jim and Misti choose to paint, which proves as unpleasant to do as I predicted, but as dentists, they’re used to high-precision work and swiftly finish their cherub to the overseer’s specifications.  This first place finish nets them a trip for two to Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  2. Kym/Alli (3rd place last week) — The cyclists continue giving the dentists a run for their money AND continue to do this while seemingly having a blast along the way.  Taking the time to write “TEAM NO FUN” on the Dentist’s car before catching the same flight as them, they stick together until the go-kart racing challenge, where the dentists get a slight lead and manage to keep it the rest of the race.  The cyclists also choose to do the painting challenge and meet up with the dentists with minutes between the teams.
  3. Amy/Maya (6th place last week) — After a rough week last week, the food scientists are back in the game!  After getting to Sicily and the go-kart race, Maya is third to finish despite needing to do the race course twice.  Enough other teams beat them to the Painting challenge to cause the girls to have to go to both detours, but the Posers opera challenge is waaaaaay easier than the painting and teaming up with Brooke/Robbie to get the correct order helps the scientists get ahead and finish this leg in the first half of the pack.
  4. Brooke/Robbie (5th place last week) — I really want to like this team you guys, but I can’t.  Robbie is one of my favorite races, because he seems to have the same fun-loving spirit as the cyclists, but Brooke is just as irritating and seems to crumble at the slightly indication that something is going wrong for their team.  This week, she freaks out while they can’t find a cab to the go-kart challenge.  It takes the wrestlers 40 minutes to get a cab, but the way the go-kart challenge is run3 allows them to catch up to the back of the pack and keep out of last place for long.  Brooke freaks out again when they get the Poser challenge wrong a few times, but working with the scientists when they show up allows them to get to the finish line before some of the painting teams.
  5. Adam/Bethany (2nd place last week) — After Bethany DOMINATED last week, the Soul Surfers struggled a bit in Sicily.  The surfers have similar trouble with getting a cab as Brooke/Robbie do, but they get to the go-kart challenge a little before the wrestlers.  While they make it up the hill in the allotted time, they’re last in the group of four.  They make it to the painting challenge in enough time to get a place, but they’re slower than the other teams in completing their cherub.  I’m surprised they didn’t pick the opera challenge – this seemed especially unsuited to their strengths as a team4.  They still beat the college sweethearts and ensure a place in the next leg of the race.
  6. Tim/Te Jay (4th place last week) — The sweethearts have an off week this week and are in the back of the pack through the flights (where they take the second flights with most of the teams), the go-kart challenge (where they’re near the back of their heat), and the painting challenge (where they secure the last place, but are the last to leave the challenge.  Once they get to the mat, Phil informs them that this is a non-elimination leg – they’ve got another chance in the next leg, but will have an additional speed bump task to complete.

Next week on The Amazing Race: Nothing!  There’s an episode in two weeks, though, with all 6 teams traveling to Malta!  Will teams get to interact with Goosio, friend to Maltese children everywhere?

  1. in what I’m assuming is an apology for forcing them to drive Ford Product Placement Cars in all other legs  
  2. which seems like it definitely has a chance to go all Ecce Homo  
  3. with one heat every 20 minutes  
  4. and the number of arms their team had  

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