5 (to 10) Awesome Things About Scandal: Helen of Troy

Scandal (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC)

The Scandal men are all drawn to her, she’s their Achilles Heel, ‘Helen of Troy the face who launched a thousand ships,’ a Gladiator.

Scandal has finally stepped it up.  So Olivia’s former friend/law school classmate’s husband, you know, the couple whose daughter ran off and was then found dead, whose friend was also then killed because she knew about a folder that we then learned contained photos of Olivia Pope…whew….yeah that guy, well he shot himself in front of Quinn, but no one’s ready to tell Olivia all of that. Huck is still stalking his son and Abby’s abusive ex-husband has come back to haunt her, as the President has endorsed his Senate campaign.  Scandal is now back to maximum capacity awesome!
‘What do you want?’ ‘You can’t handle this.’ ‘Watch me.’  Olivia steps up and steps in to help Abby’s abusive former husband’s opponent, Susan Ross, beat him in the race for a Virginia Senate seat.

There’s been a car bombing in West Angola and Cyrus has figured out that his boy toy, hooker, boyfriend might be working for the other side.  There’s a West Angola?

All White, Everything.  David Rosen won’t/can’t let Olivia and her ‘White Everything’ in to see Jake at Supermax Prison, but she’s taking matters into her own hands and talking to Secret Service Agent Tom who killed Jerry Grant.  The man who admittedly could protect his President from every but Olivia Pope.

‘Not enough to make me wet my pants, prostate willing.’  apparently Olivia’s effect on Susan Ross is making Cyrus nervous.

Abby’s got a gun…pointed at her ex-husband, just in case.

Wait, Liv and Fitz just basically had phone sex, right.  Mr. President you are so nasty!

‘You do not disrespect me, ever’: The Life and Times of Rowan Elijah Pope.

‘Olivia Pope for you.’  Mean Mellie is back.

‘I handled him, the way my father would.’  Maybe it’s not just her face that can launch a thousand ships.

‘Lil Huck.  That’s right, Huck’s son, and cyber-gaming buddy, knows who he is and somehow finds him through his IP address. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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