Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘And The Abyss Gazes Back’

M: Ichabod knows the wendigo spirit is associated with the Shawnee and Hawley, fortunately, knows some Shawnee.

T: Oh good. Okay.

M: A whole mess of them who run a garage together.

T: Yep: they do.

M: And who he’s mildly pissed off by selling some relics they entrusted to him.

T: Well duh. Who hasn’t he mildly pissed off at this point?

M: Fortunately Ichabod is deft, knowledgeable, and diplomatic

T: Mmmmm.

M: Blah blah the group’s shaman gives him all the answers (off screen).

T: Of course.

M: But before they return with the cure…

T: They must fulfill a quest for the Shawnee! Slash, Henry gets to Joe and he turns a fourth time.

M: This isn’t World of Warcraft. We get a flashback and our Sheriff Clancy cameo…

T: Oh. Okay….?

M: Which is a nice little scene.

T: Yay. Happy Mooch.

M: And I bring up only because it’s interrupted by Henry.


M: In the present.

T: Was Corbin a hellfire shard?!

M: I think only ladies are hellfire shards. Now: how did Henry get into the locked Masonic cell?

T: Henry now has powers of teleportation. Or the return of John Cho. Or tunnels. Or Reyes. Or Irving. Or you know, a key.

M: Basically the last one, except they just throw the doors open.

T: …..

M: And he straight-up mocks everyone because the magical charms on the place don’t do the 300 year old locks any favors.

T: I like mocking Henry. I mean, when Henry mocks. He so revels in it.

M: And he did just that here.

T: Yay. Happy Tanya.

M: Then he offers Joe the cure – if only he’ll hand over the poison stuff.

T: Oh oh. And this is where Joe is like, “Well, I’m not sure my dad loved me, but I’m gonna have faith that he did and NOT give in to you, daddy-hater.” Eh?

M: Yeah, no.

T: …so Joe’s like, “#nodads, have the poison?”

M: Despite Ichabod AND Abbie saying ‘DO NOT TRUST HENRY’, Joe’s all ‘he has the cure! I gotta!’

T: ufff

M: So off they go, only to have Henry provide the cure and send him back on his way with a firm handshake.

T: Innnnnteresting. And Henry has the poison and Joe is now available for romancing …except, you know, the whole “you gave Henry the poison” thing.

M: Also the part where obviously that did not happen.

T: Future eps; the romancing will come. The sisters must have romantic leads to, uh, lead them astray. And parallel romantic lives. Because the writers are really into parallels. (Oo, unless Joe is killed?)

M: Henry cuts Joe’s arm and purrs “The true curse is humanity – Now Abbie will see you for who you are – a creature of war.” and then driiiives away…

T: Oh MAN that’s cold. Wait: I thought Henry doesn’t drive.

M: He had goons.

T: When did he learn that? He was all taxi & train….. AH yes, okay.

M: Back from commercials Ichabod shows back up to find no Joe, but at least he has the necessary ceremonial chant INSCRIBED ON THE SIDE OF A HUMAN SKULL. They’ll also need the blood of the wendigo, acquired via an obsidian knife.

T: Ritual. Got it.

M: The very same knife that can be used to kill the wendigo if all else fails.

T: Who brings the obsidian knife: Jenny or Hawley? Oh my computer’s dying, eeeeeep.

M: Ichabod

T: Oooh fancy. Skull + knife. Got it. Ichabod’s pockets be broad.

M: Hawley’s being all bratty about Ichabod getting chummier with the Shawnee than he could.

T: Awwwww professional jealousy.

M: Getting close to the end here thank gawd – Ichabod and Abbie hit the streets to find Joe and lure him into a dead end alleyway.

T: One-armed Joe.

M: Nah, it was a small slash.

T: Ohhhhhh not “cut his arm off.

M: Right. You’re bloodthirsty.

T: Sorry! It’s Henry: I don’t put it past him. Especially with goons transporting him around in dark sedans.

M: They lure Joe by a) trailing blood Jenny stole from the med school all around the streets b) slicing their own palms and waving them around above their heads and calling out ‘Joe! Joooeee!’ c) hauling a fresh-killed deer carcass into the alley, nodding nonchalantly at the old lady shopkeeper closing up nearby.

T: Um ALL THREE. Or at least A and c.

M: No, it was B.

T: Bah.

M: I kid you not.

T: ::headdesk::

M: I forget who did it first, but then the other’s like ‘no! we do this stupid thing TOGETHER!’

T: s i g h. And Joe’s just hanging conveniently around, waiting to be lured into an alley.

M: Eh, he’s somewhere. Comes leaping in off a rooftop onto a light pole, catches the scent, pursues them into the alley, gets nicked so Ichabod can start the spell, corners Abbie but doesn’t immediately strike for some reason… Ichabod speaks words! Then stops!

T: …wait: I thought Henry gave him the cure?

M: Uh, Tanya?

T: He just nicked him, yup.

M: Right – his cure was freeing him from the curse of humanity. Anyway, Abbie’s all ‘Finish the incantation!’

T: Oh silly silly Henry, that’s a dumb line. Okay fine, incantation, obsidian knife, skull, whirling winds.

M: …and Ichabod’s all ‘…I did.’

T: Oh.

M: Commercials!

T: This… is interminable.

M: Partly the way I’m describing it – it didn’t drag too much. So, we’re back from commercials. Joe is still Wendijoe.

T: And…. cue obsidian slash? And more guilt for Abbie?

M: First, Abbie demands that Ichabod wait! And give it a minute! Dot dot dot. Dot dot dot. Andthenjoeturnsbacktonormalphew

T: …Abbie grins, Joe pats himself down to make sure he’s really human, Ichabod quietly tucks away the obsidian knife, and Hawley gets smacked in the hair with a pantene-approved breeze. Cut to: Irving?

M: Irving’s stuff was all earlier, actually. Now we get a wrap up where Joe asks Abbie for a letter of rec to Quantico. So I guess we won’t be seeing him again. Or hearing about him. Ever. And Ichabod has taken up a hobby of playing videogames.

T: Comics AND videogames? We really need a shot of him hatewatching the History Channel. I *need* that.

M: Agreed. Now, while the Irving thing was dumb, let’s blow through it.

T: K. Just lay it down.

M: Henry tells Irving he can easily get his soul back by killing someone.

T: Uh. Don’t trust Henry, Irving! Don’t do it.

M: Doesn’t even have to be an innocent – in fact, that guy over there is also my client and is a terrible person who once ran over a young girl and left her paralyzed.

T: Oh SHEEEEET. Because, you know, parental love. it’s what Sleepy Hollow is all about.

M: How insane is it that a) this guy is in a psychiatric hospital (although maybe that’s Henry’s doing) and b) IN THE SAME ONE AS IRVING? Who would let that happen?!


M: Nah, I think it’s just something the writers glossed over.

T: Wasted opportunity there for some evil-Reyes-making.

M: You do not like her.

T: I want her to be DEVELOPED. I am just throwing out ideas so that that might happen. She can be a dragon, she can be a hellfire shard (I almost typed chard, hey-o hungry), she can be an evil person, she can just be a really hardworking cartel-fighter. But something.

M: Later on, Irving starts to choke the dude but then says ‘No… this is what he wants!’ and stops.

T: Oh Irving. So noble.

M: Speaking of Noble, the last scene involves Henry. Ichabod VO’s that Abbie’s willingness to try and save those who seem beyond saving has inspired him, and maybe he can at least fight for Henry.


M: We’re getting there… this is over shots of Henry pouring the poison out and letting it reconstitute into a poorly CGI’d spider. Guess what he has the spider do next (and last, as it ends the ep).





M: How squeamish are you?

T: Ew. Go ahead. Oo – bite HIM and HE turns into a spider!

M: Sends it into the bedchamber of a sleeping Katrina where it goes into her mouth and down her throat.

T: Oh yukkky.

M: But she does gasp a little!

T: Unsurprising. Well, perhaps this is a cue that we’re going to learn about the hellfire shard soon? Since you know, inner webbings are about to happen. (ew.)

M: I’m guessing whoever is writing that part of the mytharc isn’t writing other episodes

T: Mmmm. Right. Okay: I am down down to 8 minutes of battery power and I can’t find my cord. So: final thoughts?

M: I think I am thought out. Yours?

T: I *will* watch this episode – but only because I want to compare this werewolf-wendigo1 to the Supernatural wendigo, and not because of any interesting reveals or plot points.

M: Incidentally I went back and watched parts of the two prior episodes – I forgot how generally well produced the series is, if not well written. Also, re: this ep – I left out some very fun asides.

T: Oh goodie. Also: yoga Ichabod. Bet that’s a sight to behold. Yoga pants, dare I hope? Or shorts. Ooooh think we’ll ever see Crane in shorts?

M: That could be half an episode’s runner right there.

T: I hope so! I want to see some Crane knees! And, really, is that too much to ask?

  1. This Werewolf Wendigo is now the name of my next band. -M  

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