Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘And The Abyss Gazes Back’

M: Jenny procured the organs, complaining about the lack of security at the medical school.

T: Of course. Also: ew. And Reyes doesn’t even lift an eyebrow over liver theft? WHOA is *Reyes* a hellfire shard?! THAT would be wildly awesome.

M: Reyes is the other wendigo.


M: Yes?

T: I… really? Reyes Reyes? If Corbin knew about this wendigo, how come it hasn’t shown up until *now*? How did Joe become a wendigo anyway? Was that explained?

M: No, I’m totally kidding. Reyes isn’t even in this episode.


M: Hee.

T:  http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ls7u7x70ph1qa54sa.gif

M: The Joe thing at least gets explained right now, actually.

T: Ok. Explain please. Before I hulk smash you.

M: Once he scarfs the kidneys or whatever, Joe’s back to ‘normal’ and can relate the tale of how everything was fine in Afghanistan until he got a letter out of nowhere, with some weird powder in it.

T: Oh geez. Henry?

M: Yes, Henry. But let’s pause for a moment – come on, the military isn’t screening like crazy for white powder?

T: ::rolls eyes:: When did he send that? And how did corbin knooooowwww? And what was the thing he safely hid away for his half-demon cannibal son?

M: Okay – I’m pretty sure what Joe meant was his dad was right that there are supernatural crazy things out there. I think Henry targeted Joe because of the connection to Corbin.

T: Oh, so not wendigo specifically. Just “the truth is out there,” mmhm. #reference #sponsormewithpie

M: One slice per question. Hey did you hear they’re making a new Twin Peaks series?

T: I did! #pie #donuts #loglady

M: Anyhoo. The thing that Corbin buried, though, is super powerful and thus was probably the real focus of Henry’s plan. Although pause and consider how many things need to happen for this to work out the way Henry wants.

T: Henry thinks he’s a master planner but I think he’s really a Hamlet. Is there a Daniel Boone link to the buried thing?

M: Nah, generic artifact of destruction – super concentrated poison from having poisonous creatures battle to the death in a jar or something.

T: Errrrr okay – tell me it was demon slugs? Do we get another Angry Moloch cameo?

M: No, we get this week’s parallel.

T: Oh for crying out loud. Okay, hit me.

M: This one’s between Ichabod and Joe.

T: OH NO really UGH fine. son:father, father:son?

M: Yup. Most of all – if you love your son, tell him that. (Because Sheriff Clancy was apparently bad with feelings.)

T: Oh for crying out pete’s sake lordy not hallelujah really?

M: Yes.

T: I.



How did we go from halloween episode to a Lifetime moral? But with organ eating?

M: Oh, it loops back around *again* towards the end.

T: Also: who did Hawley make eyes at?

M: He was sidling up to Abbie a little when Jenny walked in with the kidneys and she looked really flummoxed.

T: And is there any Irving-and-daughter-and-Jenny stuff happening?

M: We can deal with the Irving stuff at the end if you’re not exhausted. Right now we have a wendigo curse to break.

T: I’m…. flummoxed. This is TOTALLY the parents season. (Ooooh Reyes is going to have a kid too and that will be problematic in some randomly as-yet-undefined way.) Okay, the organs get ate, Joe becomes Joe. Abbie wants to save him because he’s Corbin’s son and the superman PJs.

M: Exactly.

T: And, um, electricity?

M: No, Ben Franklin does not appear, shirtless or otherwise. The team does have a timetable – the fourth transformation becomes permanent; Joe’s transformed three times so far.


M: (I totally wondered about the period thing and then skipped on.)


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