The Amazing Race: Totes Ma Goats

Amy and Maya put their food scientist skills to work in a butter making task on the Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 6: “I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat” — The seven teams have more running around (some task related, some not) in Morocco.

We have reached the halfway point on this edition of The Amazing Race as seven teams race from Marrakech to…the outskirts of Marrakech. Is it just me or does it seem like this racearoundtheworld hasn’t covered much ground yet? Anyway, the first task has teams delivering bags of hay to a stable and taking a carriage ride to some Product Placement Cars.1 After picking up a clue hidden in a pottery stand outside of Marrakech, the teams had a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons:

  • CREAM: Go to a goat farm and fill a bowl with freshly-squeezed goat’s milk. Pour the milk into an animal skin and churn butter the way the locals do. Teams receive a clue after making a three-ounce butterball.
  • CAMP: Set up an authentic Berber tent, including carpets and furniture.

After the detour, teams headed to Terres d’Amanar for this week’s Roadblock. The Roadblocker has to cross over a valley in the Atlas Mountains via highwire and intermittent bridges. After ziplining over a second valley, the player must complete a puzzle before doing one more zipline. Once the player reunites with their partner, they are to head to the pitstop at Casbah D’if.

Here’s how the teams ranked this week:

  1. Misti/Jim (6th place last week) — The Dentists managed to stay cool, calm and collected throughout the leg. Choosing the Camp Detour was their gamemaking decision this week. Their justification for picking the task was to leave animals out of the equation (which is VERY smart) and, aside from the wrestlers, they had the physical skills to complete the task quickly. Misti did the roadblock and got to enjoy it at a leisurely pace since no teams were breathing down their neck. The couple won an adventure trip to Brazil.
  2. Adam/Bethany (2nd place last week) — If you weren’t convinced yet that Bethany is a badass, this week’s episode has all the evidence you need. The hay delivery task required the bags to be placed on the roof of a storage area. Now, if you are pulling up a bag that I’m guessing is 20-30 pounds, you would probably use both hands. If you were to use just one hand, you would probably use your other arm to maintain your balance. Neither was an option for her but she had zero trouble completing the task. I realize this is somewhat stating the obvious, but it was a moment that caught my attention. Bethany also took on the Roadblock. As she started the task, Adam narrated that they have to be strategic about Roadblocks because there may be ones she physically cannot do. The highwire antics and transition of safety lines? Not a problem. The only issue Bethany had was the puzzle, which required pushing pieces together. She used her feet, as you do. I love this team.
  3. Kym/Alli (1st place last week) — The Cyclists ran into a bit of trouble at the detour. Milking the goats was not the issue: it was the butter churning that gave them pause. They asked the demo giver how long it typically takes to churn and he says 45 minutes. They don’t know the navigation problems the other teams are having (or if they are working on the other detour) and decide to switch tasks. The women do not have the height advantage Jim and Misti have, so after a brief effort they decide to switch back. I doubt the delay caused that much of a difference in the overall standings, but it did introduce a little bit of strategy conflict within the team. Alli does the Roadblock and we see her running2 on the highwires.
  4. Tim/Te Jay (3rd place last week) — The College Sweethearts try to hoof it to the stables for the first task, and don’t realize for a while that they really need to take a cab. Once they get to the area, they have trouble finding the marked hay for delivery and where to deliver it. They have zero desire to work with animals again and decide to do camp. Judging by the amount of time they made up here, this task was probably the overall correct choice in tasks. Tim had to chant “I’m on the Amazing Race” to get through the Roadblock, but things seemed to work out as he caught up with Alli at the puzzle. At the pit stop, a mandolin player wearing a hatchickove3 does some bird tricks with the guys. They aren’t into it.
  5. Brooke/Robbie (5th place last week) — I do not enjoy this team. After some bodyslam antics with the bags of hay, the couple chooses the Cream task. First, Robbie has zero interest in interacting with the goats, leaving Brooke to corral, hold, and milk the feisty animals. He ends up doing the churning, which requires blowing some air into the animal skin, resulting in this week’s episode title. They think they are in last place heading to the roadblock until they see Shelley and Nici arriving. I think it should be noted that the Wrestlers always refer to Shelley and Nici as “Mother and Daughter” rather than by their names. At the Roadblock, Brooke instantly freaks out (DRINK!): “Oh my God! I don’t like it! I want to cry-uh!” THAT is why I can’t stand this team: the whiny, uptalk, -uh suffix. You know who does that? 10th graders who don’t want to do homework and says “the teacher is so mean-uh!” After more freaking out through the puzzle, the team makes it to the halfway point of the competition. Boo.
  6. Amy/Maya (7th place last week) — The food scientists finally get some screen time, but not for good reasons. They get hopelessly lost on the way to the first task, even delivering someone else’s hay to someone else’s stable. Oops. Oddly enough, their character description is what saves them in this leg of the race. Maya’s PhD work involves studying milk fat, so she is all over the butter churning, actually leaving the task before Brooke and Robbie. Unfortunately, the scientists weren’t paying attention on the drive to the ziplines and missed the turn. They haven’t started snapping at each other yet, but killer fatigue may be settling in.
  7. Shelley/Nici (4th place last week) — Obviously this was not their leg. They had the same difficulty with finding the stables as the Sweethearts and the Scientists. However, their big navigation problem involved getting to the pottery shack. I get the sense Morocco is very difficult to navigate, as most visits in previous seasons involve teams ending up miles and miles in the wrong direction. The only time they cross paths with any of the other teams was when the Wrestlers saw them, so there was no hope for recovery unless someone fell off the highwire. Shelley did get to have an Indiana Jones moment, but the mother and daughter were eliminated from the race. Phil was glad to see improvement since the meltdown, but it seems like Shelley and Nici are over the whole experience.

Next week on The Amazing Race: Dunno. We get a preview of what’s in store for the second half of the season, including wipeouts, crashing into parked vehicles, and intentional defenestrations. Woo?

  1. The last rental car I drove was the same model as this week’s PPC. It was incredibly user-unfriendly and would not recommend it to anyone.  
  3. A dove on a chicken on a hat?  

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