Checking in with Dancing with the Stars Season 19

Dancing with the Stars (Photo: Adam Taylor / ABC)
Dancing with the Stars (Photo: Adam Taylor / ABC)

Now that we are well past the halfway point, how are our pre-season Dancing with the Stars predictions doing?

Way back when I made predictions about how things would shake up on this season of Dancing with the Stars based solely on who was cast. How are those predictions doing?

Jonathan Bennett

What I said: His pet cause is anti-bullying, so he will probably have some good stories to draw from during some of the theme weeks that may tug at viewers’ heartstrings. I suspect Bennett could be on the show for the long haul as long as he shows growth week-to-week.

Well, exactly none of that happened. Bethany Mota played the anti-bullying card first and probably to greater effect than Jonathan would have. Jonathan also did not show growth week-to-week, which surprised me. He’s such a superfan and comes across as athletic, which is why his constant criticism was about how he underwhelmed. I was also wrong about him being in the final three: he was booted last week.

Tommy Chong

What I said: Chong is definitely filling the Billy Dee Williams/Cloris Leachman slot, which means he will probably survive week one but will need to show he has the skills if he wants to last much longer in the competition.

Surprise! Tommy’s got skillz. Not only is he still in the competition, he is the oldest contest to make it through week 7. Not only is Tommy the sentimental favorite in the competition, but you can tell he’s taking the contest seriously and wants to win. I have a hard time seeing him getting past fifth place with how the field has formed, but that is much much farther than I think anyone would have expected him to get.

Randy Couture

What I said: This is another area where there may not be huge audience overlap, but depending on Couture’s attitude, he could be filling the Chris Jericho slot. Though if he got into fisticuffs with Len Goodman, that would be worth seeing. I’m guessing middle of the pack.

Randy had one of the best foxtrots I have ever seen on the show.1 Unfortunately, that performance seemed to be a fluke and Randy had diminishing returns until he was cut early in the season. Karina did hold her own against the guy and was not snapped in half, so…partial credit.

Betsey Johnson

What I said: Everything about this is perfect and I will be rooting for her until she gets the boot within the first three weeks. The DWTS audience didn’t respond well to Margaret Cho or Shannen Doherty, which is where I see Johnson’s sphere.

Betsey made it past week three! And, considering who is still in the competition, *cough*NASCAR*cough*, I think she may have been booted too early.

Lolo Jones

What I said: Attitude will make all the difference between whether or not Lolo stays or gogoes.

Jeezy creezy, called that one. The beginning of the season featured results shows on Tuesdays, and this is one case where it was worth it. If we had to go through a second week of Lolo getting instantly defensive about her overthinking every aspect of dancing, we would not be having this conversation right now because I would have checked out. I’ll be curious to see if she bothers coming back for the finale.

  1. Full disclosure: I still don’t know how a foxtrot is defined, but I liked Couture’s routine.  

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