The Amazing Race: Morocc’and Roll

Married dentists Jim and Misti take Moroccan Tea Services VERY seriously on The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 5: Morocc’and Roll — Eight teams make their way to Marrakech, Morocco to immerse themselves in the local market for a series of challenges.This week on the Amazing Race the eight remaining teams leave Copenhagen and head south to Marrakech, Morrocco. After arriving, teams spend most of their time in and around the Jemaa El-Finaa Market. First, teams assist various food stall owners with assembling their stands for the day. Once they’ve done this to a satisfactory level, they head to a nearby tannery on foot for this week’s Roadblock: preparing goat hides! After they’ve cleaned the hair off of three hides, teams must deliver a prepared batch of hides to a nearby shoemaker. Navigating in this task is so tough that all the teams catch up to one another, making one delivery as a group before heading back. From here, it’s time for a detour:

  • Twirl Time: Go to an instrument store to pick up traditional instruments and learn how to play these while twirling the traditional tassel-topped hat, then go to the market and play while twirling for a minute straight.
  • Tea Time: Go to a tea store and pick up a tea set and tea, deliver it to a nearby restaurant, learn how to pour traditional mint tea, then properly demonstrate their skills.

Despite having fewer steps, the twirling clearly looked like the tougher task. From here, teams had the opportunity to U-Turn another team before heading to the pit stop, a carpet shop in the market.

Here’s how the teams ranked this week:

  1. Kym and Alli (Last Week: 1st): The cyclists had another great week, despite losing their initial lead to a lack of Denmark -> Morocco flight options.  Once in the country, they stay towards the head of the pack, finishing assembling their food cart 2nd.  After another round of equalizing from the hides, the girls choose to Twirl and are one of the only teams to get the knack of simultaneous twirling/playing on the first few gos.  The girls feel confident enough in their performance to not U-Turn anyone, and beat Adam and Bethany to the mat to take a 2nd first place finish.
  2. Adam and Bethany (Last Week: 7th): The Soul Surfers recovered from a tough performance last week, rising from the bottom to the top of the pack.  Although they were 6th to finish assembling their food cart, the equalizing at the hides challenge acted in their benefit.  Bethany is particularly awesome this week—she cleans the hides AND bikes them over to the owner WITH ONE ARM. After this, Adam and Bethany choose Tea Time, and take the time to learn the full process of pouring the tea, performing the ceremony correctly on their first try.  Like Kym and Alli, they choose not to use their U-Turn now, and the logistics of getting from the restaurant to the Mat seems to be all that prevents them from making it to the Mat first.
  3. Tim and Te-Jay (Last Week: 5th): Tim and Te-Jay also get a huge boost from the hides challenge.  While they were one of the last teams to leave the food stall assembly task (7th of 8 teams) and the last team to finish cleaning their hides, getting caught up with everyone else allows them to make quick work of the Tea Time Detour and make it to the Mat without detouring anyone.
  4. Shelley and Nici (Last Week: 6th): After ending with some cross words between them last week, mother and daughter took the time to talk through their issues before this leg and are ready to go.  Nici’s Spanish abilities help them negotiate a good rate with their driver to help them through the day, which ends up being no use when they need to go by foot to all tasks.  A new sense of togetherness seems to help the girls make light work of the tasks, although Keith and Whitney jumping the line after the hides challenge puts Shelley back in a bad mood.  The team is third to finish the detour (and the second team to get the hang of Twirling), and Shelley gets payback by giving Keith and Whitney a U-Turn.
  5. Brooke and Robbie (Last Week: 2nd): Brooke and Robbie’s performance is really fluctuating from week to week. After coming in second last week, the wrestlers seemed to be off to a good start by assembling their food cart third, but Brooke really has trouble completing the hides challenge. Although this doesn’t set them back, Brooke’s tendency to get frustrated bites back during Tea Time and it takes the team at least 10 tries to figure out how to correctly pour the tea. Despite all this, the team manages to finish solidly in the middle of the pack.
  6. Misti and Jim (Last Week: 8th): After a bad week1, Misti and Jim clawed their way to stay in the game. This team is not pretty when they’re frustrated, and they were frustrated all day. After getting through a speed block that kept them near the back of the pack (hanging carpets on a wall) and the food cart challenge, the hide challenge was a great equalizer, allowing them to jump up to third going into the detour. When they’re stressed, the dentists seem to be worse at noticing small details (like the flowerpots last week), and it takes them multiple attempts to realize Misti should be holding the tea tray with only one hand.  After getting over this hump, the dentists make it to the mat in a group with Shelley/Nici and Brooke/Robbie and finish in sixth.
  7. Amy and Maya (Last Week: 4th): The sweet scientists seemed to have a tough week and stayed near the middle or the back of the pack for most of the leg. We really haven’t seen much of these girls except for their struggles during the twirling.  Hopefully we start to see more of them soon, or I bet they’re quickly on the way out.
  8. Keith and Whitney (Last Week: 3rd): Keith and Whitney started the leg strong, but karma got them in the end.  Although they assembled their food cart first (thanks to Whitney’s charm) and cut their way in line to finish the hides challenge first, hell has no fury liked a scorned Shelley.  Keith and Whitney spent a little too much time attempting to get the twirling down, allowing themselves to get U-Turned, then switched over to Tea Time.  Between completing both of these tasks, they took longer than any of the other lower-ranked teams and ended up at the bottom.  They didn’t win a honeymoon, but are going home happy to get married.

I’m kind of surprised no one U-Turned the dentists.  If there’s any way to level the playing field quickly, it’s taking the SOAP out of their hands ASAP.

Next week on the Amazing Race: More-occo!  I refuse to apologize for that horrible pun.

  1. where they totally should have had to give up the SOAP  

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