Z Nation – Episode 7 “Welcome to the FU-Bar”

Z Nation (Screen: Syfy)

Very little happens in this week’s Z Nation episode, except for some quality/unintentional humor at the absurdity of Warren trying to deal with her grief over losing Garnett.


The Z Nation gang has made it to Kansas, which claims to be zombie-free. Spoilers: it’s not. Stranger Boy enters a sharpshooting contest, but the contest is cut short when zombies insist on ruining the fun. It’s not clear whether the mini zombie outbreak comes from the fresh zombies created by a small scuffle1 or whether these zombies are the first arrivals of a zunami. No, I didn’t spill my tea and mistype while drying the keyboard. They insist on repeatedly calling a herd of zombies cloaked in a dust storm a “zunami”2. The zunami isn’t set to hit until next week’s episode, so I guess this week was just a filler.

Nailed it

Murphy is the best! And by that, I mean he’s the worst. Murphy’s body is rapidly falling apart, and now, his mind is slipping away too. Overhearing a drunk in a bar bragging about his amazing, self-sustaining ride that’s parked outside a bar, Murphy decides that this would be the perfect vehicle to get him to California. He follows the drunk outside and ambushes him. When the drunk fights back with a vigor Murphy didn’t assume a drunk could possess, Murphy becomes feral and his first instinct is to bite his attacker like a zombie would. The terror on Murphy’s face when he realizes that he is turning into a zombie in both body and mind is powerful. His actions throughout the series are becoming more inhumane and depraved, but they’re also becoming more understandable: the doctors in California are his one and only hope of salvation so he will do whatever he has to in order to get to them. Here’s hoping that the writers don’t kill off the most interesting character on the series.

So close

When the gang’s truck breaks down at the beginning of the episode3, Mack and Generic McPlainwrap leave on a dirt bike to look for help. They pull over after a long drive and discuss how there is no help to be found. Generic says they should head back to the group when Mack suggests that they just continue on alone. Mack’s observation that the group is falling apart without Garnett is accurate4, and his uncertainty over the gang’s true level of safety reflects the thought patterns of someone who has been living in survival mode for years. Then, as usual, Generic McPlainwrap swoops in to ruin a scene. She goes from 0-60 in a second, insisting that Mack’s consideration about abandoning the group for perceived safety absolutely means that he will abandon her one day when he will inevitably decide that he’s safer without her too. What?! Get it together, Generic. Your man is trying to find the best way to protect himself AND you – mainly you. In pre-zombie times, you would’ve been that girl who collapsed because her boyfriend mentioned that he thinks Jessica Biel is pretty, so naturally, you accuse him of making plans to run away with her and start a new life while you weep into your pumpkin spice latte.

I love you, Syfy

Oh, Warren. You started off as a strong, level-headed character. The fact that you are a female character was just gravy. Syfy, and most other people holding cameras, do not portray women as strong for very long. If a female character starts off strong, it is so that she may crumble under the weight of a burden that a man could carry. Alas, you have fallen to this fate Warren. But at least you did it in a hilarious way! You drank moonshine like it was water5. You had a stray bullet whiz through your hair6. Then, you put on gloves and beat a zombie up while delivering the most longwinded, meandering eulogy as though the zombie you were beating was Garnett and you were talking to Garnett. I won’t beat this topic to death like you did, but I’ll just say this: I lost any and all respect for you by the end of this episode. At least I got to laugh at you while doing it!


Murphy’s going to completely lose his damn mind. Within a few episodes, the Z virus will completely overtake his conscious mind to the point that the gang must travel with him bound and gagged in the back of the truck for their own safety. However, the show will cut away to what’s going on in Murphy’s mind and we’ll see that, in his head, they’re all the Partridge family traveling around the country, singing songs in the car while ravenous fans attack their bus.

  1. you change into a zombie when you die whether you’re bitten or not  
  2. a tsunami of zombies  
  3. because of course it does. This is Z Nation. The means of transportation for every episode must break down during the first act  
  4. Murphy notes this as well  
  5. without a shred of exaggeration, you drank roughly 2 gallons of it in less than 2 hours and didn’t even get tipsy, much less drunk  
  6. yet somehow it left a bruise on your cheek – not a cut, a bruise  

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