5 Awesome Things About Scandal’s Key(s) to the Castle

Olivia doesn't like what she is hearing on Scandal.
Scandal (Photo: Mitchell Haaseth / ABC)

This week on Scandal Olivia proves that everyone needs a hug, even Gladiators.

This week on Scandal, Olivia’s still on the case, trying to figure out who killed her BFF’s daughter, if not the BFF herself. Apparently the daughter’s BFF is in on a lil something until she gets herself killed too.  Apparently her daughter found a key and a folder and have it to her BFF and well, they both knew too much.  But where’s the key?!… Don’t fret, the girl SWALLOWED THE KEY, so of course (increasingly) Crazy Quinn is off to the morgue to cut it out of her.  Gross.

Huck’s wife (ex?) confronts him for sitting outside of her house every night, she tricks him into a confrontation with a psychiatrist at her house, he told her the truth, she doesn’t believe him.  Liv has no idea Jake’s been captured and is being held until he confesses to the first son’s murder.

My boyfriend’s avoiding me.  Things are getting real-world-serious for Liv and Jake, until she finally finds out The President is holding him and almost whines to Fitz, Cyrus and then Abby to find him.

Only Shondaland can get away with “It’s not a threat, it’s a promise” not being the cheesiest line this side of the Swiss.

Mellie will not be moved.  Not from the District of Columbia, not from the White House and not from her son, so don’t bother trying Mr. President.

Fitz and Jake singing Otis Redding’s “(Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay’ in a prison bunker in the Pentagon.

 ‘Get the hell out of my office.’  Oh there you are Mr. President. That time Fitz reprimands Mellie for grieving and feeling better knowing their son was killed for a reason and not the victim of a medical condition.  He reeeeaaaallly doesn’t love her, huh? If nothing else, she gets in the shower and washes the pain away?

Honorable Mention:  ‘You are poison?…what’s wrong?‘  Awwww, Abby and Olivia just can’t stay away from each other. Hugs.

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