Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: Pairs is Burning

New Coyopa

Jon and Jaclyn will not stop smooching. I get it that they’re happy to be with each other again, but this isn’t date night. Take your PDAs to the woods. We get reminded about Jon’s dad’s brain cancer, which has me suspecting he will either exit the game early (similar to Jenna in the first All-Stars season) or the show is setting up a Josh/Jon final two scenario. I don’t like either of those options. Jaclyn recaps Baylor’s voting shenanigans and Keith reminds us that he has a hidden immunity idol. Coyopa must translate to “yesterday’s news.”

A yawning bird takes us to the major conflict in the tribe. Missy starts to make rice and it seems she may have been the one in charge of inventory back at Hunahpu. Dale is doing everything in his power not to tackle Missy and salvage some of the rice. Kelley has to remind her dad that he needs to keep cool if he wants to stay in the game. Even Keith acknowledges that Missy was making a lot of food, but no one directly addresses the issue. That’s a bad way of conducting business.

Immunity Challenge

This was really boring, so I’ll be quick. Teams have to dig up a bag with a key, crawl through a mudpit, unlock a gate, shake a pole with a bucket on top to release 20 more bags, then toss 10 bags onto a dangling platform. It takes Coyopa forever to dig up their first bag and they don’t figure out how to shake the pole properly. Hunahpu easily wins the challenge. After Coyopa leaves, Reed updates Jeff on the food situation. Probst recaps the situation in the most dickish way possible, letting the team know he’ll be by camp in the morning with a proposal.


Keith expects to be in trouble since its three pairs and him. That’s all we hear from him, so he’s probably safe with or without the idol. Instead, the focus moves to Jaclyn and Jon, who are suddenly in the swing vote position between Dale/Kelley and Missy/Baylor. Everything about this proposition makes no sense. Why would you try to woo the swing vote instead of eliminate it? In this particular situation, it is very likely that the vote will be 2-2-2-1, so you don’t need 4 to make something happen. Keith is not part of the conversation between any of the pairs, except at the very end when he checks in with Missy and Baylor. Jon and Jaclyn are much bigger threats than Dale and probably Kelley, but that doesn’t come up at all. This tribe is dumb.

Tribal Council

Keith opens up tribal council talking about the swap. At first he thought he was in big trouble being partnerless, but at this point he would be surprised if the vote went 6-1 against him. After a rehashing of Baylor and Dale’s dramazzzzzzz, talk switches to how Jon and Jaclyn are the hot couple in this week’s scramble. “They’re the hottest couple period,” Baylor says before the editors cut to a shot of Jon looking like he got hit in the face with a shovel. Hehehe. Missy then accuses Dale of gunning for her daughter, even though Baylor was the one who tried to oust Dale at the first vote. Missy keeps going back to the analogy of being a mama bear, but I think her stubbornness gets in the way of that metaphor.

Time to vote. We don’t see any votes ahead of time and no one plays an idol. The votes go: Baylor, Kelley, Baylor, Kelly, Dale, Dale…Kelly. With the way the scrambling went down, she was the biggest threat of the four up for consideration. In her exit interview, Kelley says playing with her dad was probably too big of a liability to overcome. I think she’s right about that.

Next time on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Dale tries to use the trinket he found at the well as leverage. Probst brings rice to Hunahpu, but what will they have to do in return?

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