Amazing Race: Coping with Copenhagen

Nici and Shelley have to assemble a parklet in Copenhagen on the Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 4: Thinly Sliced Anchovies — Eight teams make their way to Copenhagen, Denmark to learn about efficiency and local delicacies.This week on the Amazing Race the eight remaining teams leave Scotland’s Shetland Islands and head to Copenhagen, Denmark. Yay Copenhagen! I’ve missed you. Their first task: drive to Malmö, Sweden?1 The teams cross the bridge2 to show off the fuel efficiency of this week’s product placement car. The next clue sent the teams back to Copenhagen for the detour:

  • Parklet: convert a parking space into a lounging area, matching the decor with a provided photograph.
  • Cake: Build a tower-like cake, then use a cargo bike to deliver it to a wedding hall.

The next clue sent the teams to Ida Davidsen, a restaurant specializing in intricate open-face sandwiches. The Roadblock forced one teammate to be a server, taking orders from two customers and reporting the ingredients to Ida. The final clue sent teams to the Pit Stop: the energy efficient VM Houses.

Here’s how the teams ranked this week:

  1. Kym and Alli: The cyclists had a near-perfect leg this week. Rather than trying to arrange their flight to Copenhagen with a travel agent, the pair went to the airport (along with Tim and Te Jay) and arrived to the city first. After the quick sidetrip to Malmö, Kym and Alli instantly gravitated to the bike-based Cake detour. The roadblock slowed the women down slightly, but not enough for any other team to come close to catching them. Along with winning the leg, Kym and Alli each won their own product placement car to enjoy after the race.
  2. Brooke and Robbie: Although both detours were detail oriented, there wasn’t an opportunity for Brooke to freak out and shut down. She did kvetch throughout the cargo ride on the bicycle during cake delivery, but that’s about it. Robbie took the Roadblock, reciting the recipes back to Ida as if he were trying to sell her on the idea of a sandwich. Ida was not amused. I like Ida.
  3. Keith and Whitney: Not much to report from this team this week. Their only major hiccup was the decision to switch from the Cake detour to the Parklet, but they managed to get through the task in one try.
  4. Amy and Maya: I’m not sure if this team has accrued a full minute of screen time this season, which is weird given what happened on this leg. The food scientists rocked the Parklet detour and Maya was the second person to complete the Roadblock. There was zero explanation as to how or why they fell to fourth place.
  5. Tim and Te Jay: The college sweethearts had some ground to make up, finishing next-to-last in the previous leg. Although they made up some time by arranging travel at the airport, they lost time in each subsequent task. They did not pass the fuel efficiency test in Malmö, which meant they had to answer a trivia question about the capitals of Scandinavia. Kudos to these guys for not having to ask nearby tourists to google the answers on their phones. They had trouble getting the details right in the Parklet detour, but did not struggle much at the Roadblock. They should have done better on this leg, but at least they have moved up to the middle of the pack.
  6. Shelley and Nici: This was a bad leg. First, they got the worst flight option out of the travel agency (despite being the first to purchase tickets) and their flight ended up getting delayed an hour. Then they couldn’t find the right parking garage housing the Product Placement Cars. Things snowballed from there, with mom Shelley and daughter Nici bickering followed by mom giving the daughter the silent treatment. On the way to the mat. Put another way: this team may have brought a little too much extra baggage.
  7. Adam and Bethany: The surfers hit a lot of gnarly bad luck this leg. First they failed the inefficiency test, then they had no real choice in the detour. They tried to do the Cake task first, but balancing the cake required two hands (sorry Bethany) and she wasn’t able to drive the bike with Adam as a passenger. Although they made up some ground at the Roadblock, the couple got lost on the way to the Pit Stop.
  8. Misti and Jim: The former front runners ran into all sorts of trouble on this leg. Although they had an okay flight option—between the airport group and the travel agent group—that advantage was lost during the Parklet task. The problem they had involved a flower pot with a drawing of a sunflower on both sides. One side had a flower with eight petals; the other side had a flower with seven petals. The dentists could not spot that detail, so they switched to the Cake task. The cake had little Danish flags poking out of the tower. One of the flags flew out en route, which means their cake was rejected upon delivery. After fixing that problem, Misti took on the Roadblock. Interesting to me, she was the only person we saw who set the ingredients of each sandwich to a song.3 However, the lyrics did not include the sandwich number, so Ida had to reject the orders. The dentists did have the SOAP in their back pocket, but their competitiveness did not find solace in that saving grace. When they reached the mat, they handed the pass to Phil. Phil handed it back, informing the team that this is a Non-Elimination Leg. I don’t think they should have gotten the pass back since a deal is a deal, but the Amazing Race is a bit more forgiving than I would be.

Next week on the Amazing Race: Marrakech! Double U-Turn! Keith and Shelley throw down!

  1. The host of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. A missed opportunity as there is nothing Eurovision related this week.  
  2. the same one The Bridge is based on  
  3. I’m honestly surprised no one else used that strategy.  

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  • The next time they do the SOAP (assuming there is a next time), it shouldn’t be handed back if it’s already a non-elimination leg. Also: They made teams DRIVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY (that’s admittedly only around 20 minutes away) SIMPLY TO PROMOTE THE FORD PRODUCT PLACEMENT CAR. Then made them turn right back around. Come _on_.

    On the plus side: smorrebrod! I made some of those for this year’s Eurovision party (with meatballs, mayo, and pickled red cabbage) and they were mighty tasty.