5 Awesome Things About Scandal: Like Father, Like Daughter

Scandal (Photo: Adam Taylor / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Adam Taylor / ABC)

Scandal Season 4, Episode 4 is a lesson in everyone grieving in their own way. Mellie binges on cereal, her daughter…

This week on Scandal, the White House, er Pope and Associates, is back to facing actual scandals.  Olivia gets a call from the President’s daughter, Karen. She’s, his daughter not Liv, drunk and high at a party 400 miles from her boarding school.  Quinn tags along to save the day, because now she’s the biggest ‘super spy’ of the remaining ‘Associates.  Upon finding Karen both nearly passed out AND throwing up in a back room at the party, Liv promptly has Huck shut off all of the cell phones in the building, and has the First Daughter picked up by a helicopter on the roof.  Handled.  Well, until Karen receives a cell phone video of herself in a, ahem, sex tape that also has to be…Handled.

Speaking of handling, these days an episode of Scandal wouldn’t be complete without a Cyrus romp with his new boy-toy/hooker/political spy Michael.  That mysterious meeting is only out-shined by Fitz finding out his most-trusted Secret Service Agent killed his son at the behest of Jake Ballard.  Ok, we all know it was Papa Pope, but the President doesn’t, and as long as Jake is sleeping with Olivia, Fitz is willing to blame him for anythin

Glowsticks.  Are the kids really still rocking those things? At house parties?

‘How lame are you?!‘ Karen, the President’s daughter is in a sex tape and he thinks she was raped, hopes maybe?  She explains she fled secret service, hitched a ride on a random girl’s jet and got drunk and high so he’s lame for thinking it happened TO her.

You are not Olivia, you will never be Olivia. Hating Olivia will not change that fact.  Also, have you ever stopped to think what it might actually be like to be Olivia Pope? Doesn’t look like that much fun.’ – Cyrus Bean firing shots at Abby.

Madame First Lady:  ‘A sex tape?…she takes after her Daddy then doesn’t she?’  Ohhhh honey!

How much is a Presidential Scandal worth these days?  The parents of the boy in possession of the sex tape casually throw out ‘how much?’ The going rate of a sex tape of the President’s daughter seems to be $2.5 million, that is until Olivia’s had enough and threatens to reveal the parents as peddlers of child porn for trying to blackmail the White House.

Honorable Mention: Mellie the mom. ‘Karen, I’m your mom so inside I’m having a tiny seizure…you watched your brother so you get one free pass…this is it.’  Karen just misses her brother. THAT Mellie can understand.

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