5 Awesome Things from Nashville’s Sadie Stone Bidding War

Nashville (Screen: ABC)
Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Jeff and Rayna vie to sign up-and-coming country star, Sadie Stone and things get ugly. But even more so than usual.Rayna tells manager Bucky she wants Highway 65 to sign Sadie Stone even though (or because) Jeff the skeevy exec is trying to sign her at Edgehill. After Deacon sleeps with backup singer Pam, he hauls ass to his walk of shame while she’s still in the shower. Drunk Avery gets even sloppier when he hears ex Juliette will star in the Patsy Cline biopic opposite hunky leading man, Noah West. Deacon is surprised to see Pam at his AA meeting. Afterward he reminds her that he’s still hung up on Rayna. Pam’s all, “Chill, dude. It’s just fun.” Jealous Zoey catches boyfriend Gunnar and (sorta) BFF Scarlett having a secret confab in the walk-in cooler at The Bluebird. At a fundraiser for Maddie and Daphne’s school, Jeff presents Rayna a $25K donation for music education. Then he visits the silent auction and bids on a golf game with Mayor Teddy, so obviously he’s up to no good. Juliette tells assistants Glenn and Emily that she is not a cokehead (as they suspected) but, in fact, pregnant. Then she assigns them the impossible task of finding a “reputable and discreet” adoption agency that will hide her secret from the media and overlook the fact that she doesn’t have father Avery’s permission. Rayna courts Sadie during a madcap wedding dress shopping adventure, which later turns into a Dukes of Hazzard car chase with the Ruke-obsessed paparazzi. Jeff meets Teddy for golf and tries selling him on an Edgehill-sponsored music education program for the city. At first Teddy is wary but then Jeff talks about his college era rock band, which suddenly makes him cool and likable? Oh, Teddy. So gullible, but more about that later. Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Pam’s got jokes Deacon catches Pam doing shots backstage. She jokes about being in AAA instead of AA and he storms off. Pam chases him down and explains that she attended the meeting by mistake (à la Liz Lemon) and simply hung around because leaving would have been awkward. Then she attributes the wisecracking to her hurt feelings, because Deacon did reject her after all. “But you’re absolutely right. The booze jokes are below the belt and I’m sorry,” she says, adding, “I should have gone with something about your endless supply of denim shirts.” Haha! Her persistent ribbing leads to more sex and other fun later. Pam’s cool.

It’s not her party, but she’ll cry if she wants to Zoey flips out on Scarlett when she sees her name all over Gunnar’s phone. Surprise! Turns out the BF and BFF were planning her going away party at the Bluebird. Cue the sad, droopy Blondie face and an apologetic Zoey. And just when you think that drama is resolved… Avery gets extra wasted at the party. When Scarlett takes his drink, he freaks out and blames her for causing Juliette’s bout of infidelity, screaming, “You’re so damn needy!” Well, that’s a little embarrassing, so they kick him out. And then… The partygoers ask Zoey to perform. She graciously invites Scarlett to sing a duet with her. While all their friends are clapping and cheering for Blondie to get on stage, she has a panic attack and hides in the walk-in cooler. Ugh, what a mess. It’s obviously Gunnar’s fault. Why would anyone get Scarlett involved in planning something fun?

“We had Martina, we had Reba, we had Shania…” Sadie thinks she wants to sign with Edgehill because they’ll make her a star, just like they made Rayna a star. Rayna clarifies a few things: 1)She made Edgehill, not the other way around, 2)Edgehill (and most of the industry) no longer cares about solo female artists, 3)Jeff only invests in “big-hat cowboys”, 4)He just wants Sadie so can satisfy the board of directors, and 5)She wants to sign ladies to Highway 65 so they can all have a place on the radio. Except Rayna says a lot more words, all while paying tribute to the great women singers of yesteryear. And that, is why I love Nashville more than your average awesome soap opera. They rock that Bechdel test1 every. damn. week.

Glenn cuts a rug Juliette experiences scary bleeding (though it turns out the baby is healthy and fine), which prompts her to second-guess the adoption plan. Then she shows up at some weird bald dude’s doorstep all teary eyed. When he answers the door, she says, “Glenn, I’m scared.” OMG, that weird bald dude is Glenn without his hair piece! Without skipping a beat, he hugs Juliette and tells her everything will be alright. Like it’s nothing that she caught him off guard. Like he still has that weird toupee hugging his dome. Like a mensch.

Jeff’s revenge Rayna signs Sadie, then joins her new protege on stage at the Ryman Auditorium. They sing “Gasoline and Matches” as Jeff fumes backstage. After the show, he tells Rayna, “From now on, everything and everyone is fair game.” She scoffs and walks away to meet her family. Cut to Jeff whipping out his cell phone. “Hey, yeah. I need to know if I can sign a couple kids to the label… with only one parent’s consent,” he says, eying Maddie, Daphne and dopey dad Teddy, who gives him a friendly wave. Oh, dear. Looks like Jeff’s out to ruin the girls’ lives, with a little help from their father. And if you think Teddy can’t be dumb enough to fall for Jeff’s ruse, I have three words for you – “pig’s blood miscarriage”.

  1. 1. Two named female characters 2. have a conversation 3. about something other than a man.  

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