The Amazing Race: “Get Your Sheep Together”

The sheep show Te Jay no remorse at a route marker in Scotland on the Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: Heather Wines / CBS)

This week’s episode of The Amazing Race was a total sheep show.  And a pony show!  How did the teams rank this week?

Last week on The Amazing Race: teams landed in London and ended up in Oxford, learning to punt1 along the way.  The Dating Couple’s past knowledge of the show couldn’t save them from trouble navigating the punting channel, leaving them in last place on an elimination leg.

This week, teams travel by train and ferry to the Shetland Islands, where they spend the day immersing themselves in the cultural traditions of some of the other British Isles.  This weeks detour has teams choosing between cutting and delivering peat with a Shetland pony or building a Viking torch according to specific instructions.  From there, teams travel to a local farm to play sheepdog for a day and herd some sheep, before receiving another clue (a brooch) leading them to their endpoint for the day, St. Ninian’s Isle.

How did the teams do this week?

1. Misti and Jim

Last Week: 2nd Place.  Misti and Jim are still looking like the team to beat in this season of the race2, with their strong physical skills and their creepy, creepy superwhite teeth.  In what appears to be a slight reveal of their strategy, after arriving in the Shetland Islands they chose the peat task over the viking torch, figuring that they can more quickly power through a physical task.  Jim quickly slices through the peat, proving their theory right, but they seem to have forgotten than any task that involves cooperating with an animal (like the cranky Shetland Ponies) runs the risk of being harder. Still, they’re first to arrive and first to leave most of the checkpoints, and sail into the finish line without any difficulty, winning a trip to Dubai in the process.

2. Adam and Bethany

Last Week: 1st Place.  The soul surfers have been cruising their way through these first legs of the race without too much difficulty, which is impressive considering Bethany is missing an arm.  Like Misti and Jim they chose to cut peat, and seemed to have less difficulty with the horses than the dentists did and finishing the task 3rd.  They were the third team to leave the sheepherding challenge, but thanks to some smart thinking in checking with a nearby museum for information about where the brooch they received originated from, they were able to get good directions that led them to a second place finish.

3. Keith and Whitney

Last Week: 4th Place. Unlike the top 2 teams, Keith and Whitney chose to make a torch rather than collect peat.  They dealt with a few setbacks while making their torch, needing to re-do a few of the steps before getting them perfect, and were the 6th to reach the sheep fields.  Good teamwork on their part helped them herd their sheep 4th, and they managed to beat a few other teams en route to the finish, ending up in 3rd.

4. Shelley and Nici

Last Week: 9th Place.  After crying their way to the finish line, this week seemed to be a redemption for the mother-daughter team.  They chose the peat cutting challenge and were second to leave after delivering their loads with another unhelpful pony3.  After thinking herding the sheep would be easy and fun, they quickly learned that it wasn’t quite that easy to get sheep to behave and ended up leaving the sheep field fifth.  Good directions got them to the finish line fourth.

5. Amy and Maya

Last Week: 8th Place.  The Sweet Scientists were so close to coming in second this week, making easy work of the peat challenge after figuring out how to correctly use the tool, but bad directions from a Shetland local after completing the sheep herding challenge prevented them from finishing near the top of the pack.

  1. no, not that kind of punting, the other kind of punting.  With boats  
  2. especially since they have the Save Our Ass Pass should they end up in the bottom in these first legs  
  3. those were some seriously bitchy Shetland ponies, you guys  

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