5 Awesome Things About Scandal from ‘Inside the Bubble’

Olivia and Papa Pope on Scandal.
Scandal (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC)

Back in the Capitol Beltway everyone is trying to be a Gladiator this week on Scandal.

This week on Scandal not only is Olivia Pope back to leading, what’ left of, Pope and Associates, but David Rose and Mellie are doing some digging of their owns.  Lets get right to the awesomeness, shall we.

“You’re inside the bubble…feels good doesn’t it.” David Rosen is the new Attorney General fighting for Fitz’s newest anti-gun law in the 4th Circuit Court.  Unfortunately, the Judge he’s before isn’t sympathetic until Rosen finds the Judge’s deep dark secret and there’s no choice but to give the President’s Chief Prosecutor the win.  And…also unfortunately, that Judge proceeds to commit suicide, courtesy of a gun he just made illegal.

Olivia is back to handling things.  This is great because it means she has no time to pine over Fitz.  Liv’s law school gal pal is in a bit o’ trouble.  Her daughter has gone missing and she needs to keep it under the radar.  Luckily Liv, Huck and Quinn find the girl only to also find that mommy dearest was sleeping with the daughter’s 17 year old boyfriend and then proceeds to, maybe, kill her daughter to prevent the news from leaking to the press.  She’s of course arrested, but we’re pretty sure that’s not the end of this case.

Olivia and Abby went to law school together too.  Did we know that?

Reflections of the way life used to be.  Olivia stops by her dad’s house as she’s having trouble re entering civilian life.  This is awesome because one thing you never see on tv are reflections but here’s Papa Pope beig a real father and we see his reflection in a glass door.  Papa Pope invites Olivia and her “boyfriend” Jake over for dinner, but Jake less-than-politely declines because she won’t commit to the title.  “Call me later if you want me to come over and so that thing to you.”

What the First Lady wants, the First Lady gets. Mellie has transfered her obsession with grieving for her son, to an obsession with making a difference?  The viral video of the day shows a man either falling or being pushed off a cliff by his wife. Mellie’s mission is to prove the wife didn’t do it, that is until the real investigators come to that conclusion on their own and Mellie’s left without a focus.

Honorable Mention: This week’s 8-track flashback, you know the roundup of what everyone’s up to at the end of an episode, is Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ No wait, this episode’s not over yet…to be continued.

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