Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: “Actions vs. Accusations”

John Rocker with one of his best allies on Survivor
Survivor: San Juan Del Sur (Photo: Monty Brinton / CBS)

John Rocker did not say he’s not here to make friends, but it seems to be implied.

Previously on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: John Rocker and Jeremy were sent to Exile after John lost the reward challenge. While there, they shared the clue for the “hidden” immunity idol, which Rocker found when he got back to camp. The bros also shared a pact that they would protect each other’s partners. After Coyopa lost the immunity challenge, John tried to protect Val, but her strategy of telling people she had not one but TWO immunity idols forced the tribe to call her bluff. Bye, Val.


Coyopa, Night 6: Baylor doesn’t feel safe anymore, having received votes at both Tribal Councils so far. Meanwhile, Josh admits to John that he flipped in the tiebreaker vote between Val and Baylor. John does not reveal he also flipped, but doesn’t seem too bothered by Josh’s play. Josh interviews his trust in John is wavering.

Hunahpu, Day 7: Drew suspects a monsoon is coming and suggests that the tribe make their shelter more shelter-like. Everyone sets to work on weaving palm fronds, but Drew instantly finds the work tedious. Well, yes, but it’s not like there’s anything else to do. Drew decides to sleep, which impresses no one. Natalie calls him out after waking him from a nap, but Drew doesn’t care. Jeremy sums up Drew’s status in the following interview: “I was planning on taking him longer because he’s a moron.” Hehe. Now Jeremy isn’t so sure.

Challenge Arena

Jeremy is disappointed to see Val was voted out of the game. Probst asks him about it, and Jeremy tells the women of Coyopa to figure out how to take control because the guys are running the game. John offers a mea culpa about not being able to protect Val, which does not go over well with the rest of his tribemates.

On to the reward challenge. One player from each tribe has to navigate a shaky balance beam while moving tiles from one end to the other, similar to how one would move a pizza from an oven to a counter at a pizzeria. At stake are comfort items (tarps, hammocks, etc.) or the fishing gear from last week’s challenge. Coyopa wins the pick of who goes up, and Wes volunteers because he doesn’t think his father Keith would do well.

Keith actually holds his own in the competition. Part of the challenge is that the tiles have to be balanced on a peg, which slows down both guys for the first few transfers. A strong breeze whips through the arena during the fifth transfer, causing Keith to lose his balance. This allows Wes to overtake the lead and score Coyopa’s first win. Keith gets emotional with pride for his son, which Wes undercuts by saying he never sees this side of his father. Wes picks Josh to accompany his father because he thinks they will click. The Exilees head out and Coyopa walks over to claim the fishing gear. John whispers to Jeremy another apology. Jeremy interviews that John is full of it. It’s not John’s fault Val overplayed, but I do enjoy Jeremy’s talking head segments. He will probably finish 7th.

Camp Life

Hunahpu, Day 7: Julie breaks off from the group to have a moment, knowing that her boyfriend John is on the outs. Jeremy holds court with his tribe, telling them about John Rocker’s sordid past, that he said “racist and homosexual things.” Um, sic. Julie tells Missy she feels isolated and targeted because of what her partner has done. Julie is Monica part II.

Coyopa, Night 7: The tribe enjoys a feast of fish, thanks to their new gear. As the tribe lays down in the shelter for the night, Baylor starts working the guys, reminding them that Survivor is a numbers game. Alec interviews that Baylor knows she’s on the bottom of the totem pole, so her flailing is not unexpected.

Exile Island

Wes’s prediction that Josh and Keith would hit it off was spot-on. Keith explains how the urn selection works and asks Josh if they will agree to share the clue regardless of who gets it. They agree, Keith gets the clue, and they suspect John and Jeremy already have the idols. Both guys appreciate the opportunity to hang out, since the backwoods guy from Louisiana and the gay guy from New York City would probably not cross paths in their day-to-day. I would love a Keith/Josh alliance, wouldn’t you?

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