Bar Rescue: The Artful Dodger / Radio

Jon Taffer is ready to storm into a client's bar on Bar Rescue.
Bar Rescue (Photo: Spike)

What tricks of the trade did we learn from Jon Taffer and his crew performing a Bar Rescue on Huntington, NY establishment The Artful Dodger?

18-Year-Olds are Dumb

Within the first five seconds of the fourth season premiere of Bar Rescue, we see a patron of this week’s client The Artful Dodger (sometimes known as Radio) getting dickpunched. Welcome back, show! It turns out that is the perfect image to describe why catering to an 18+ crowd (instead of 21+) is a really bad idea. As Jon Taffer puts it, having an underage clientele assumes a ton of liability (lawsuits resulting from underage customers getting served) without a significant reward (unable to serve pricey drinks to the people in your bar). If a bar has an 18+ night on its schedule, be aware that the bar must be struggling.

Why Fruit Flies are Disgusting

The recon in this episode of Bar Rescue was rather unusual. First, Taffer and company had to go to other bars to recruit customers so that there would be action to watch. Yikes. Once the customers were in place, Jon was able to watch via his usual surveillance and smart phone videos of how disgusting The Artful Dodger was. One woman gave up after having her margarita remade twice because each serving had fruit flies floating in it. Factoid Narrator explained that it only takes eight days for a fruit fly to go through a life cycle—birth, reproduction, death. As you may remember from biology, that kind of population growth can be exponential, with a full infestation taking only a week or two. This week’s Taffer Trigger: “I’VE GOT PEOPLE DRINKING BUGS!”

Multitasking is Required

It turns out multitasking isn’t just for efficiency in dealing with customers. Water from melting ice will dilute a drink and it only takes two minutes for a drink to get ruined. By making several similar drinks at once, you reduce the time between pour and service.

The Origin of “Mind Your Ps and Qs”

According to Bar Rescue, the phrase “Mind your Ps and Qs” originates from British pubs about minding your pints and your quarts. I thought it had origins with printing presses and not mixing up up p letters and your q letters. It turns out both may be right (along with a few other possible etymologies).

The Aftermath

Taffer and company transformed the grody Artful Dodger into a speakeasy called P’s and Q’s Auto Body. The front of the establishment uses garage bay doors that open to a 1950s auto body shop. There is a secret door which opens to a Mumford and Sons explosion. In other words: it may not be for those of us not into newsboy caps. The bar is now 21+ exclusively and seems to be doing a lot better in that there are people in the bar.

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