The Amazing Race: “When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go”

The Amazing Race (Photo: Heather Wines / CBS)
The Amazing Race (Photo: Heather Wines / CBS)

The Amazing Race heads to the UK for a changing of the guard, pancake races, and a Winston Churchill impersonator. How did the teams rank this week?

Last week on The Amazing Race: 11 teams gathered in Times Square in the wee hours of the morning to learn that “the world is waiting for you.” It must be nice. Those teams headed to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This week, the 10 remaining teams left the Virgin Islands to head to the British Isles, specifically London, England. The first detour of the season has the teams choosing between performing a changing of the guard or participating in the centuries-old tradition of the pancake race. From there, the teams took a train to Oxford to punt around College Island. When given a clue to go to Christ Church College, the teams received a clue for the pit stop (Winston Churchill’s birthplace) and for the Express Pass.

How did the teams do this week?

1. Adam and Bethany

Last week: 5th Place. The newlyweds ran a near-perfect leg. They got off to a shaky start after Bethany lost a shoe during the previous leg, but Amy and Maya had an extra pair to share. They got through the pancake race in one try, which gave them a huge advantage for the rest of the leg. They arrived at Christ Church College first, giving them first dibs to go for the Express Pass. The only risk in going for the pass was not finishing in first, but Adam and Bethany found the bar with the prize in quick fashion and still managed to finish the leg first. They won a trip to Sweden to enjoy after the Race.

2. Misti and Jim

Last week: 1st Place. The winners of the SOAP1 ended up in the runner-up spot this week. They lost some time in the detour after having to redo the “about face” task. More time was lost in the punting challenge. A punt has an Oxford and Cambridge end, and proper usage has the rower standing on the Cambridge end. The dentists missed that part of the clue and did a full lap around the island before learning of the error. Falling only one slot isn’t that bad given how time-consuming the errors were.

3. Kym and Alli

Last week: 3rd Place. The cyclists had a leg similar to Misti and Jim. They also needed to redo the “about face” task and the punting task. The pair did lose a little bit of time at Christ Church College. The instructions had teams tip their bowler hat to the man giving out props. They tipped their hats and waited for the clue to follow. He stands politely. It takes a couple more tips of the hat before they see the clue written inside the lining. Hehe.

4. Keith and Whitney

Last week: 9th place. The Survivor alumni2 are starting to get a villain edit, obsessing and wishing ill upon other teams during the pancake race. They take too long in their first attempt (there was a 1:15 time limit), with Keith instantly scolding Whitney for being too slow. I’m not looking forward to when they are in some of the more crowded locations.

5. Tim and Te Jay

Last week: 2nd Place. The boyfriends had a solid leg, but didn’t get much screen time this week. They seemed to lose most of their time in rehearsing for the “about face” challenge, but they got through in one try, so the slow and steady approach isn’t the worst idea. 

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  2. Neither of whom I remember from South Pacific  

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  • I was surprised at how poor Dunder Mifflin (who I’ve been calling #BostonStrong) were at making pancakes. That ankle injury looks like it’s likely to cut their race short.

    One thing I did like this race is how they deployed the Express Pass closer to the end of the leg this time around – it looked like it wasn’t _that_ hard to find the pub, and the SoulSurfers seemed far enough ahead that it wasn’t a concern, but it was nice that there was the potential for a team to give up a position in the lead for the potential of an Express Pass in the race.