Bad Judge: Legally Bland

Judge Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) is a Bad Judge.
Bad Judge (Photo: John Fleenor / NBC)

If you thought we were going to go with an “I object!” pun for NBC’s Bad Judge…you were right, but everyone else beat us to the punch.


Bad Judge, which airs in the once-revered time slot of Thursdays at 9pm on NBC.


LA’s most respected criminal court judge Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) has an unorthodox style both on and off the bench. The ad copy refers to her as a “wild child” which might be code for slutshaming.


The list of executive producers include Will Ferrell (Spoils of Babylon), Adam McKay, Anne Heche, and Kate Walsh.

Who is Bad Judge For?

The people who purposely watched the show between Friends and Seinfeld? Seriously, this show is of that calibre.


Just like with Manhattan Love Story, jumping straight to the verdict for many of the same reasons. There is no show here. Kate Walsh is doing the best she can with what she has been given, which is less than half of a character sketch. She’s sometimes a judge but is overly involved with the people in her courtroom? Halfway through the pilot, she tells a moppet1 she’s a judge and not a social worker. If Wright were a social worker, this would be a much more compelling program. Instead, we get 22 minutes of Walsh flitting about the screen for no reason.

When does Parks and Recreation come back?

  1. Who was probably going to be a permanent character in the original iteration of this series. Thankfully that is not happening.  

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