5 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 4 Ep 2: The State of the Union

From a distance, Fitz hears a dog whistle on Scandal.
Scandal (Photo: Ron Tom / ABC)

This week on Scandal, Pope & Associates, ok more like Pope & Associate, is back in business at the behest of the White House.

Now that we’ve checked in with all of our favorite Gladiators, and those Gladiator-adjacent, Scandal’s Scandals are back to bringing in business to what’s left of Pope & Associates.  Cyrus blackmails Olivia into helping the White House get its special guests for The State of the Union Address TO The State of the Union Address.  In the vein of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooting in Arizona, new Pope Client Lisa Elliott was paralyzed by a shooting in New Mexico while shielding school children from harm.  Now she and her husband are celebrities and as the State of the Union will be heavy on anti-gun law, Cyrus is worried because they missed their flight to DC.  Apparently the marriage is falling apart, the two hate each other and they need constant company from Huck and Quinn so they don’t try to kill each other.

Meanwhile back at the actual White House, Mellie is still grieving for her son, Cyrus is falling prey to a secret sexual set-up courtesy of that “friend” and lobbyist played by Portia de Rossi.   David Rosen’s past as an alleged abuser comes back to haunt him from whatever deep dark hole he thought Olivia buried it in and his buddy Jake is hot on the trail of whatever “friend” of B613 may have killed Harrison.  All before we even get to the Scandal awesomeness.

‘I know you.  It’s fine never means it’s fine.’  Can Fitz do ANYTHING without Olivia’s help.  In a Scandal throwback, Olivia is trapped in a room with Fitz just before he walks out to Address the Union and he takes that time to ask her to review his speech.  She tells him it’s fine, which of course to anyone ever in a relationship, when that person, now or forevermore, says something is ‘fine,’ it’s anything but fine.  That’s right, that look you gave him didn’t say ‘fine.’

Madame First Crazy. It’s only awesome because all I want is to shake hands with the Scandal writer who came up with that. But of course poor Mellie continues to grieve for her son, spending days laying in the grass next to his grave and wandering the halls in pajamas and a robe.  Of course all of that is until a roving reporting is able to snap photos of Madame First Lady dealing, or not dealing, with such a tragic death.

Huck can carry a tune. Ok, not exactly, but he tries his heart out when he and James Elliott break into the Army song, carrying the banner with beers in hand and plaid on their backs.  Men.

If Jackie O. can do it.  Picking up the white hat, new White House Press Secretary Abby sets out to get Mellie to the State of the Union Address after the First Lady makes it clear she gives zero – well, you know – and would prefer to continue eating fried chicken and surveying the South Lawn.  In her best Olivia Pope voice, Abby tells Mellie that she has to go, that Mrs. Kennedy sat in that car after her husband was shot, and stood by as Johnson was sworn in, and people across the country have to deal with the loss of a child without the luxury of a White House Staff, then Mellie can put on a dress and sit in the audience while her husband addresses the nation, and she does.

Portia’s Pompadour.  Remember when Mellie’s hair was just about as close to God as you could get on earth, it seems as her hair has fallen with her tears, Portia de Rossi’s recurring role has also taken the lead in the Scandal hair-game.  And from the scenes from next week’s episode it looks like the hair is here to stay…and so is Portia.

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