Where Was This Week’s NCIS: NOLA Set?

NCIS: New Orleans (Photo: CBS)

I may not have actually *been* to New Orleans, but sometimes it’s unclear if NCIS: New Orleans has either.

Oh, says NCIS: New Orleans we most certainly *are* New Orleans. Just look – gaze! – at this week’s pre-credits sequence:

  1. New Orleans brass band? Yes.
  2. Bourbon Street? I… cannot tell which if any of these scenes are on a set or on location. A qualified yes, then.
  3. Accents? Oh, hi Shane Black.
  4. Statement of things/people/events unique to New Orleans never to actually be shown?1 Yes. And, also – oh god the B-plot is the formerly awesome and now whatever transplanted female agent studying up on her new home and chattering facts endlessly?2 That can’t be the entire B-plot, right?

Commercials! Now, what else NOLA-licious does NCIS: New Orleans have for us?

  1. Oblique Katrina reference? Check.
  2. Establishing shot of a New Orleans street? Blatantly greenscreened.
  3. Bayou? Yes! One with a rickety shack that says ‘Swamp Tours’ on the side! Oo, and someone gets thrown through a screen window into the swamp!
  4. ‘Gators? Mentioned.
  5. The real B-plot? No… no. That was what we got.
  6. Other references? Andouille sausage and ‘Southern charms’, in reference to someone being charming, not something risque so, no, I don’t know why I put that in quotes.


This week’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans was set in Baton Rouge. It’s in Louisiana, and it’s not that far from New Orleans, and they have andouille sausage there.3

Enduring Mysteries

Wait, is that guy a shrink or a medical doctor? He was doing grief counseling and now he’s got a stethoscope and is helping with an outbreak of plague. Also, if he’s from Baton Rouge why does he not have a lick of an accent?

Annnnnnd once again:

If This Week’s Episode of NCIS:NOLA Was a Children’s Book Instead, It Would Be Called:

Brody and LaSalle and the 34 Drunken Plague Carriers

  1. Oh man it’s like someone read a discourse on showing vs. telling and picked the wrong half as their instruction manual.  
  2. And then there’s the hamfist exposition about the rats? Yeesh…  
  3. Also gator. Had some at a restaurant when I passed through thereabouts some time back.  

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