Pilotitis 2014: Manhattan Love Story

Dana (Analeigh Tipton) lets us know what she thinks of the flowers she received from Peter (Jake McDorman) on Manhattan Love Story.
Manhattan Love Story (Photo: Giovanni Rufino / ABC)

ABC’s romantic comedy Manhattan Love Story is not a radio play but a television show as evidenced by airing on TV.


Manhattan Love Story, which airs at 8:30pm on Tuesdays.


What is your date really thinking? And why does s/he sometimes do the opposite? Seriously, that’s the gist of this new romantic comedy.


The show is created by Jeff Lowell, whose TV resume includes Two and a Half Men (hmmm), Just Shoot Me (hmmmmmmmm), and Sports Night (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). The show stars Analeigh Tipton, who finished in third place six years ago1, and Jake McDorman from Greek. Hey It’s That Guy Kurt Fuller is part of the supporting cast.

Who is Manhattan Love Story For?

Viewers who want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Look Who’s Talking.2


Jumping straight ahead to the verdict, mostly because there isn’t much to talk about with this show. With Manhattan Love Story being at least 50% voiceover, it reads more like a radio play than a television show. They could try to have a visualization of each character’s thoughts, but then you end up with Herman’s Head, and NOBODY wants that. Instead, the show has borrowed from My Name is Earl, with Dana (a recent transplant to New York) working through a to-do list Peter becomes aware of on their first date.

Oddly, beige doesn’t go with everything. The show actually conflicts with the thesis put forth by timeslot partner Selfie and doesn’t match at all with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (the comedy’s lead-out). The show wouldn’t fit with any of the network’s other comedies, so ABC is stuck with this non-show and nowhere to put it.

  1. McKey’s season CYCLE.  
  2. Why ABC didn’t hold the show for two more weeks is beyond me.  

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