The Good Wife: Trust Issues (We All Cary)

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Cary’s in jail, his bail money is contested, and there’s an audio recording that appears to implicate him. Alicia is faced with a case that could prove deadly for Florrick Agos if she loses. Can she hold it together long enough to save both Cary and the firm?

After a week of failure, Alicia needs to hold it together or she’s going to lose her partner, her best (richest) client, and her firm. First things first, let’s get Cary out of jail!

The A Plot

Alicia is called to testify about the source of the bail money, and Finn wants to prove it came from Lemond Bishop. Finn gets Alicia to admit Bishop was present when the bail was paid, but she clarifies that he was there “on another matter.”1 Just when it looks like Alicia’s gotten herself out of a jam, Finn asks her to identify some pretty damning evidence: the “business owner” who provided Cary’s bail money used the county’s death certificate register to populate his “health club” with fake members. Finn uses this information to get a subpoena for Bishop, who promptly rescinds Cary’s bail money. Whooops, strike one.

Alicia tries another approach: she applies for a second mortgage on her condo, and gets approved. Her loan officer then reminds her that the condo is in both her name and Peter’s, so both of them will need to sign the papers. He argues against the idea. Alicia takes it personally, but for him it’s just politics. A governor (especially THIS governor) can’t appear to be financially supporting a criminal. He refuses to sign, and advises her to do the same. Whoooooops, strike two.

Later, a local businessman named Ernie Nolan shows up to Alicia’s office and tries to pay for Cary’s bail with a no-interest loan. Alicia, befuddled, tries to figure out why he would do such a thing; Nolan confesses that he’s no fan of the current state’s attorney, and would love to see a change in that office. Robin urges Alicia to TAKE IT TAKE IT AND RUNNNNN but Alicia recognizes the expected quid pro quo, and refuses to accept the check. Whooooooooops, strike three, you’re out.

While Alicia continues to fail her way through the season, Kalinda works on proving Cary innocent. She’s heard the audio recording that proves him guilty: it’s from a wire, and it’s been edited. Cary didn’t advise Bishop’s crew on how to transport drugs, but he did answer some hypothetical questions, and his words are being misconstrued. Kalinda meets with Bishop, pretends to be in the dark about the contents of the recording, and gets his permission to interview the three crewmembers in question, as long as he is also present.

In their interview, all three crewmembers corroborate Cary’s version of the story, and all are willing to testify. Kalinda recognizes the voice of the guy who was wearing the wire, Trey, but she knows that telling Bishop who the snitch is will just get somebody (or maybe multiple somebodies) killed.2 Bishop has different priorities, and promptly kills Jim, the best witness of the three.3 Kalinda pleads with Bishop not to kill another witness, but he wants a name: who does Cary need?

The B Plot

For the case of the week, Florrick Agos is defending their top client, Chumhum, from charges that they conspired with their rival search engine, Sleuthway, to hold down programmer salaries and prevent poaching. Cary and Alicia are concerned that if they lose this case, they’ll lose Chumhum, so the stakes are high. Taking over for Cary, Alicia gets off to a great start, deposing and basically destroying the story of the programmer whose fate would make or break the lawsuit.

The opposing lawyer tries to arrange a settlement, but in a bait-and-switch, comes back with a request to depose an additional witness: Deena Lampard, Chumhum’s lead counsel and the wife of CEO Neil Gross. An email chain appears to prove Deena did indeed conspire with Sleuthway on behalf of Chumhum, and that version of events is corroborated by Sleuthway’s CEO. After so much failure in a young season, Alicia finally manages to find and exploit the weak spot: Sleuthway’s CEO once dated Deena, but she spurned him for Neil Gross, and he’s actually just trying to exact revenge via his deposition testimony.

The case settles, and Chumhum remains a Florrick Agos client … but more importantly, they pay their legal fees up front4, and it’s enough to cover Cary’s bail.

Other Action

Dean Levine-Wilkins, Diane’s protégé (played by TAAAAAAAAYE DIIIIIIIIGGS), has returned5 to Lockhart Gardner just in time for Diane to resign from the firm. He came back from Chicago because he wants to work with her, so she invites him to tag along to Florrick Agos. He visits the firm’s offices, currently under construction and providing bathing facilities to a large (homeless?) man, and is mildly horrified. Diane cheers him up with a “women and people of color in leadership roles” pep talk — even though she’s done nothing to recruit other women or people of color, except to make that speech just now. In any case, it works, and he not only agrees to come, but in the space of 20 seconds recruits a half-dozen other Lockhart Gardner department heads who also would like to come along. The partners vote, and Florrick Agos Lockhart is now Officially A Thing.

Meanwhile Eli continues to scheme about Alicia’s run for State’s Attorney. He’s really working hard: sending businessmen with money to woo her, running polls and then leaking them to journalists, pulling in personal favors from Valerie Jarrett, then angelically denying any involvement in the most gif-able scene of the season so far (see below). Alicia protests6, causing even loyal Robin to question her motives. If Alicia isn’t interested in running, Robin reasons, then there can be no quid pro quo with Ernie Nelson, and there was no reason to refuse the bail money he offered. It seems inevitable at this point that Alicia will not be with Forrick Agos Lockhart for long, but then she’s always been ambitious.

Missing in Action

Louis Canning was out sick, Marissa Gold was nowhere to be found, Neil Gross was out building an atomic bomb7, and Elsbeth Tascioni hasn’t been heard from in FAR TOO LONG. To whomever has kidnapped Elsbeth: I will trade you Robin and Cary if you bring her back. I will also trade you David Lee, Carey, Finn, and Castro if you will bring back Veronica (Alicia’s mom) and Jackie (Peter’s mom). Preferably at the same time. Please and thank you.

… of the Week

Kalinda Moment: Look at the two of them. Now look at the kids. Now look at the two of them and how gorgeous they both are. Now think about how gorgeous their kids would be. VOTE SHARMA / BISHOP 2014. (Also, those boots.)

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Eli Moment: 

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Cameo: The obvious answer is Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, but the right answer is Gunter, the man that uses the sink at Florrick / Agos and likes to get shirtless as soon as he’s in the elevator8. Gunter has no qualms about complaining loudly, and shirtlessly, about the lack of hot water in the midst of a law office9. Gunter is played by Danny Hoch, whose theater writing has won him a ridiculous number of fellowships and awards.


Best Costume: After much deliberation, I declare a tie between Dean’s three-piece suit, Diane’s animal-print dress and chain-link necklace, and what a friend and fellow TGW fan described to me as “the outfit that tried to eat Valerie Jarrett.”

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)


  1. Your princess is in another castle!  
  2. Trey has been Bishop’s second in command for a long time, so he wouldn’t take any accusation lightly. By making that accusation, Kalinda might also be putting her own life on the line.  
  3. Did he think it was Jim? Or did he sacrifice Jim to force Kalinda’s hand, sensing she knows more than she’s letting on?? OH THE DRAMA  
  4. Who DOES that?  
  5. No, you aren’t imagining things: neither Taye Diggs nor this character have ever previously appeared in this series.  
  6. Too much, methinks?  
  7. Neil is normally played by John Benjamin Hickey, who’s currently starring in Manhattan on WGN/Hulu.  
  8. Has anybody else noticed that everything important in this show happens in an elevator?  
  9. I, for one, appreciate his priorities. Good on you, Gunter!  

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  • bsawhill

    Re footnote #8: yes the most important things in this show happen in the elevator. If you google “The Good Wife THE elevator scene” you get this:

    Even the viewers in Brazil agree!

    This episode was so much better than last week’s. It felt like the writers woke up from a long nap and decided the episodes couldn’t just be sustained by Kalinda’s squeaky leather and Alicia’s perfectly executed eye make-up. (Although I do hope for an all-Kalinda all the time episode…just think of the boots…)

    A question: have the producers not paid their electrical bills lately? This whole series seems to have been filmed under 40 watt bulbs. Me thinks there are wrinkles to be hidden. But I digress.

    One thing that is still missing from the series is the music. Seasons 1-4 did an awesome job of incorporating music into the show (see aforementioned youtube video for an excellent example) Season 5 was also good until they decided to premiere Bruce Springsteen for the “We the Juries ” episode. Yikes and no thanks. Anyway, I remain hopeful that the production staff will include some carefully chosen songs as a way of adding atmosphere and drama. (Hello, Josh RItter?)

    So what do you think? Cary and Alicia? That would seem so…predictable.

    And by the way…where are the Florrick children???? yet again this series is called the Good Wife as well as the Less Than Great Mom….

    Looking forward to next week!

    • Agrees about the lighting …. it’s especially obvious when I am trying to find images and make gifs, they always end up SO dark. I think they’re going for “elegant.”

      I normally don’t pay much attention to the scoring, whether good or bad, but that Springsteen episode was just awful. I’d managed to forget about it, thanks SO much for reminding me 🙂

      Disagreed about Cary and Alicia, I really don’t think that “relationship” is going anywhere. Rumor has it that the series will last a total of seven seasons (we’re currently in season six), and given the number of other major storylines that need to resolve around Alicia, I doubt we’ll get another love interest. If we did, I would seriously doubt it would be Cary.

      As for the kids, I think we’ll see very little of Grace now that Zach is gone. When the kids did have storylines, it was usually as a pair … Grace does something “bad” and Zach tries to keep her out of trouble, or Zach does amazing computer magic and Grace stands by in awe. Interestingly enough, the IMDB full cast page gives Makenzie Vega (who plays Grace) credit for the episode, waaaaay down at the bottom of the cast page, with likes of such esteemed characters as Inmate, Court Officer, and Prison Visitor:

      Fun fact: Makenzie’s earliest role of enough import to be listed on IMDB is for Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman: The (TV) Movie. The more you know … (shooting star)

      • bsawhill

        Even the “we are standing outside on a soccer field for goodness sake!” gifs are dark. Seriously, I am getting eye strain.

        I am secretly hoping that in the next episode we can say goodbye to the insipid Robyn. I predict a Robyn v Kalinda smack down…and we all know who will win that one 🙂

        • Yeah, I’ve figured out that letting GIMP auto-correct the white balance helps a TON on the images. I’ve updated the screenshots, unfortunately the GIFs will have to stay as-is, but they’ll be better moving forward.

    • bsawhill

      I just stumbled upon this site: And thought I would share. In case any of your readers want to emulate Diane’s animal patterned frock it will set them back a cool 1.5K . Casual Fridays mean you slum it and only spend $500 on a blouse, I guess.

      Anyway the downside of this site is there is info on what Robin wears but NO KALINDA.