The Amazing Race: #Season25KicksOff

11 teams meet with Phil Keoghan in Times Square, the starting line for the 25th season of The Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race (Photo: John Paul Filo / CBS)

The 25th season of CBS’ hit reality competition kicks off where it all began in NYC.  Who’s leading the pack, and who didn’t have such a great day at the beach?

The Amazing Race is back for its fall race around the globe.  Another eleven teams have gathered, this time kicking off in Times Square, NYC, to try their luck at surviving multiple legs of physical challenges, puzzles, navigating, and READING THE FREAKING CLUES1.  At this point, though, it seems like anyone’s game.

CBS, like so many parents these days, is trying to stay hip with the times so the kids keep thinking their cool and spending their ad dollars on the Big Bang Theory or whatever.  Some intern appears to have told them about how all the kids are doing The Twitter these days, so hashtags have been placed in front of so many multi-word phrases this episode (and assumedly all future episodes) of the show, including our introductions to the teams.  Here’s #WhoWeHaveRacingThisSeason:

  • #SoulSurfers: That surfer who was in the news for surviving a shark attack (and had a subsequent biopic made about her) and her boyfriend
  • #SweetScientists: two PHD students from a food science program in Wisconsin.  They want to prove that scientists are about more than just beakers and lab coats2
  • #TheDatingCouple: It’s not a season of The Amazing Race without a couple determined to prove their love through yelling at each other in multiple countries.  I hate them already.  At least they’re not Brenchel.
  • #TheWrestlers: Professional wrestlers!
  • #TeamNashville: these guys should be #SurvivorCouple IMO, since that seems more notable than their geographic region, but they’re engaged and met on Survivor.
  • #TheCyclists: they ride bikes in New York City.
  • #MiamiRealtors: Sisters who are the “top sellers in Miami”.  They seem like the type to play dirty.
  • #TheFirefighters: Specifically, these guys are Boston firefighters, so be prepared to hear about #BostonStrong ad nauseam until they are eliminated.3
  • #CollegeSweethearts: Todd and Te-Jay met in college, and have been insufferable ever since.
  • #MomDaughter: that hashtag is really undescriptive, but I assume someone talked CBS down from the unwieldy #MotherDaughterFlightAttendants.  They seem fun, and unlike past mother-daughter teams, it seems like these two are already close/have met before.
  • #TheDentists: These guys are totally the season’s overly-competitive team.  Married dentists who brag about their MCAT scores before the episode is out, as though this has any merit outside of med school admissions.

  1. seriously: when I am eventually on this show, if there is one thing my team will be known for when we are eliminated for not being the fastest is that at least we always read the clues  
  2. I am so sorry CBS made you say that, girls.  You seem nice and smart and deserve better than that corny line  
  3. As someone who lives in the Boston area, I am tired of hearing/seeing Boston Strong everywhere, so I am not rooting for my adopted home team  

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