Five Awesome Things From Scandal’s Season 4 Premiere: Shonday!

Portia de Rossi joins the cast of Scandal, now in its fourth season.
Scandal (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC)

Let’s just say you KNOW Olivia’s back when she dons the white suit.  Gladiators, get read, Scandal is back! Click. Flash. TGI…Shonday!

Ok, you know you’ve made it when the hashtags everyone’s talking about are #Shonday and #TGIT and that second T, for THURSDAY is reserved just for you.  That’s right, Shonda, Shonda and more Shonda Rhimes.  Initially there was that middle-child panic that we Scandal fans wouldn’t get enough love and attention after an episode of what may be the final season of Grey’s Anatomy and before the hot premiere of How To Get Away With Murder.  Foolish were we to worry, Scandal is back and Olivia is still wearing the white suit without waving the white flag.

This week’s “Shonday” at 9pm ET felt a bit like the first day back at school after a long summer. So this week’s five awesome things are a bit of a roll-call to see what everyone’s been up to.

Smart Counter, I’m Randy how may I help you? Looks like while Liv’s been adding to her wine collection off the coast of Zanzibar, everyone else has been falling apart.  Huck has taken a job at an electronics help desk, complete with a new name.  Meanwhile Abby is now the White House Press Secretary under the delusion that she’s actually respected by Cyrus and co.  In a heated argument David Rosen suggests they call her “Red” because they don’t even really remember her name.  My personal favorite exchange: “They don’t even know your name. They call you red.” “I have red hair.” “You have a colorist.”

“Another thing I just don’t do anymore is wax, so it’s 1976 down there” Mellie is still mourning the death of her son.  From the former cold-hearted snake comes one of the saddest Shonday moments when she and Fitz visit their boy’s grave and Mellie simply lies in the grass next to it.  For his part Fitz is trying to stay away from a reemerged Olivia Pope, but while Mellie’s not buying it, she is also not keeping tabs on him anymore, among other things and the aforementioned, ahem, waxing she’s no longer doing.

Resurrection of the Pompadour.  In case you’ve missed the tweets and instagram photos from Ellen Degeneres, her wife, Portia de Rossi is joining the Scandal cast as a lobbyist of sorts who had Cyrus Bean’s ear.  The best thing about HER ears is that blonde amazing blonde mane wafting into a pompadour atop her head.  Also, Cyrus is still mean and vindictive and afraid of Olivia Pope.

Everyone has a tell.  Ohhh Quinn, you have turned into some kind of heartless – not quite, since it was for a very good reason that Quinn was able to track down Olivia on her island paradise.  She learned from the best that everyone has a tell, a vice, a giveaway, and Olivia’s, as we all know, is wine.  Looks like Quinn’s been trying to hold down the fort since Olivia’s disappearance and Harrison’s death, but just had to get a message to her, former?, boss that Harrison was killed. So we learn, as if we didn’t know, that Olivia’s vice is in fact wine.

“Are we gladiators or are we bitches.” That’s my girl!  On the eve of flying back to the tropical paradise she and Jake found in their escape of the Nation’s Capital, a scandal breaks out. Senator Vaughn of one state may have almost killed another Senator Sterling of another state, but Olivia figures out it was in fact Senator Vaughn’s aide who attacked Sterling after he tried to rape her and called Vaughn for help.  But let’s not stop there.  Liv also deduced that Senator Vaughn sent her aide, Kate, because she knew Sterling would make advances and she needed leverage over him to get her Equal Pay bill passed.  Is Kate left out in the cold after her powerful boss’s plan almost backfires? Of course not – strolling through the Capitol Rotunda in her bright white suit is Olivia Pope, proud and strong and walking right by President Fitzgerald Grant without so much as a side-eye.  We can only hope Pope and Associates is now back open for business!


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