Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: Copoya vs. Hunahpu vs. Blood vs. Water

Immunity Challenge

Keith and Val rejoin their respective teams at challenge beach. After an introduction to the Soulless Void Immunity Idol1, we get to the challenge. The teams have to crawl through an extensive framework and gather on a mat. Once assembled, one player has to climb on another’s shoulders to untie bags hanging from a beam. After the bags are released, one player has to untie the bags. In the first is a ball-and-rope, which will be used to latch onto a post atop a wall. The team can then use the rope to climb up the wall. Once the team re-assembles, one player uses pegs to climb up another wall, with the team following. The team then uses whatever means they can to climb up one more wall. At the top of the tower is a puzzle. The first team to correctly assemble the puzzle wins immunity.

The challenge is fairly straightforward, so there’s no need to get into the nitty gritty. Coyopa takes the lead early on and gets a head start on the puzzle. Hunahpu is never that far behind and ultimately solves the puzzle first. Coyopa will be the first to lose a tribe member.


We get a moment with Hunahpu back at camp. Jeremy thanks Keith profusely for taking care of Val2 while at Exile. Jeremy repeatedly tells Keith he owes him. Keith says that really isn’t necessary, but acknowledges a free favor isn’t the worst thing to have in this game. #TeamKeith.

Back at Coyopa, Josh gives Val the grand tour. When she gets a moment alone, Val starts looking for the idol, which is hidden somewhere around the well. Hmmm, Dale may have beat her to the punch. Back at camp, the tribe seems to be splitting along gender lines. The guys want to get rid of Naidya since she has reality competition experience. I want to get rid of Nadiya because she tells Josh he should join the women’s alliance because she considers him a “girlfriend.” Josh interviews that in real life he would have told Nadiya how obnoxious that is, but in the game he just smiles and nods. The women want to get rid of Dale, but Baylor would rather play with Josh who isn’t on-board with that plan. Josh knows he’s the swing vote, but isn’t reveling in it like the players were last season.

Tribal Council

Nothing too interesting happens in the pre-vote banter. John Rocker talks about how time flies in the game, while Nadiya talks about how optimistic the vibe is around camp. Wes mentions that Josh is probably the most popular person on the tribe. Wes will need to be neutralized before the merge. Voting happens, with John writing down Nadiya’s name because of TAR, and Nadiya voting for Dale because he’s “the odd one out,” whatever that means.

Probst grabs the urn and asks for any hidden immunity idols. Val reaches down for something—possibly to scratch her leg—but nothing is played. Probst reads the votes: Nadiya, Dale, Baylor(?), Dale, Nadiya, Dale, Nadiya, Nadiya, Nadiya. Buh-bye, Twinnie. Probst waxes philosophical about how divided the tribe is with 1/3 of the membership receiving votes, but I don’t think Copoya is in that bad of shape yet.

Next time on Survivor Cagayan: We get a full season preview, which involves accusations, someone possibly quitting (my guess is Jon), and a possible Medevac or two. The vote for Baylor came from Josh—a move I like and will be curious to see what the fallout will be.

  1. The lack of eyes is off-putting  
  2. Shut up, Jeremy  

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