Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: Copoya vs. Hunahpu vs. Blood vs. Water

Camp Life

Hunahpu: the tribe celebrates their first win and the plethora of supplies provided. Jeremy starts working the room immediately, teaming up with a number of the women on the tribe. I have a feeling Jeremy is going to have a tough time laying low—good luck with that. We don’t get too much information about the individuals on the tribe. Jon’s dad was diagnosed with terminal, inoperable cancer shortly before filming started. Mr. Jon’s Dad gave his blessings for his son to continue on to the show, so Jon has that in the back of his mind. Drew has taken over shelter building, even though he has no formal experience in construction. Everyone smiles and nods as he brags about his awesomeness. I mean, when the bar you have to clear on this show is “don’t build a basement on the beach,” you just set yourself up as a target with your bragging.

Coyopa: Dale immediately perceives himself as being on the outs with the tribe since he is the oldest. To be clear, the only indication of Dale’s age is his gray hair: he looks healthy and reasonably athletic. He could probably pass as prematurely gray if he didn’t harp on the age thing, even with an adult daughter. Dale’s strategy is to prove his worth and sets out to start a fire. He tries to use his glasses in the sun, but the humidity causes a problem. Dale’s solution: snap his glasses in half and double the magnification. I presume he may have needed those glasses? This seems short-sighted. Or maybe long-sighted. I don’t know Dale’s prescription. Anyway, the double magnification works and the tribe now has access to water. Speaking of, while at the watering hole, Dale noticed an emblem hanging on the handle for the well cover. He doesn’t think it’s an idol, but takes it with him for safe-keeping. Meanwhile, Wes has figured out John’s secret identity.1 John interviews that it might be in his best interests to get rid of Wes.

Exile Island

Val isn’t all that jazzed about going to Exile Island, but she and Keith seem to get along just fine. Probst was making such a big deal about how they would be missing out on critical bonding time. I disagree. Val and Keith have an opportunity to connect and set the groundwork for a merge alliance, which is much more valuable than short-term outlasting. Also valuable: a clue to a hidden immunity idol, which is available in one of two urns. Val and Keith each select one, with Val receiving the information. Keith suspects she has the info (Val has the opposite of a poker face), but he decides not to stress about it.

  1. Or as secret as it can be when you look like a juiced-up baseball player.  

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