The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

The Fates

For the first time, The Queen, Ansgar join the paladins as they go to the temple.  As the queen informed the paladins, there are dragon eggs that need to be dealt with.  The Fates inform the paladins that are up for elimination (Patrick, Lina, and Bonnie) that they will be dealing with them, before everyone heads out to where the eggs were found.  There are 3 pits in an open field, each with a dragon egg inside.  The Queen instructs the paladins that some things are best destroyed, these eggs included, although the eggs are dangerous for the paladins to touch – they must use the tools provided in each pit to remove the egg inside without touching it directly themselves.

After being given the signal to go, all three paladins descend into their pits and begin to use the planks and other tools there to get it out.  While the immediate way to get the egg out seems to be pushing it up the way they came in, all three paladins quickly realize they must climb the outside of their tube into the pit while raising the egg up by placing the planks through the holes of the tube.  Lina and Patrick have a slight lead over the less physically inclined Bonnie, but Lina’s egg drops before she can get it all the way out of the hole, giving Patrick the opportunity to completely remove his egg before she can get it all the way back up.  Bonnie is a close third, but she’ll be up for elimination alongside Lina while Patrick goes to deliberate with Shondo and Andrew.

The Queen heads back to the safety of the camp with Ansgar while Crio heads back to the temple with the paladins. In discussion, Patrick knows the deciding factor for this elimination will not be Andrew (who is most likely to vote for Lina), but Shondo, who has given no indication of where his alliances lie.  If he wants Bonnie to stay, he’ll need to appeal most to Shondo.  Lina is still seen as a smart asset for the team, while Bonnie’s loving nature and general morale provider for the team don’t go unnoticed.

When the votes come in, however, Shondo casts his vote for Lina, saving her over Bonnie.  There’s an oddly long “in memoriam” style montage that no other paladin’s received that plays before Bonnie hands in her piece of the sunspear and disappears in a cloud of smoke after being banished.  Andrew, Patrick, and Shondo all remark how much Bonnie grew in the competition.

The paladins join Ansgar and the Queen back at their camp.  The Queen notices Lina shivering and offers her cloak for warmth; she also asks about the songs Bonnie wrote 1, but the remaining paladins feel they couldn’t do them justice without Bonnie to lead them2.  As they all head to bed, Crio takes the first watch.  There’s a lovely moment where Shondo has to explain to Crio what “give a holla'” means.  In the Queen’s chamber (which the show keeps cutting to amidst everyone sitting around the fire), the pendant the Vizier gave her begins to glow green.  As everyone falls asleep (including Crio), something watches from the forest and starts to move into the campsite.

Next week: the final chapters!  Who will be the True Hero and defeat Verlox?

  1. nice attempt at a reprise, producers  
  2. which: thank goodness  

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