The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

The Challenge

Aside from bringing them to the area and instructing them that they must re-construct the trap that contains the dragon, Ansgar doesn’t give the paladins much instruction in this challenge.  They set to work finding pieces of the device in burlap sacks in the nearby area.  Everyone sets to work sorting their pieces and beginning to re-build the winches, gear sets, and chains needed to close the door.  Lina quickly has everything but her handle worked out, and can’t figure out why it’s not coming together.  Bonnie tried to treat the challenge like a puzzle, but that doesn’t seem to be working for an actual mechanical device.  Patrick is close to having his entire setup finished, but Andrew and Shondo are slightly ahead of him and already cranking their gearshifts to close the gate.

Closing the gates appears to be hard work, as Andrew and Shondo both seem to be taking a lot of time to close their portions.  Shondo makes a critical mistake of looking up to see how Andrew is doing and loses what little lead he had.  Andrew finishes closing his part of the gate, locks it shut, and at Ansgar’s command, goes to help the others complete their portions.  Shondo finishes a close second ad goes to help as well.  As it turns out, Lina had only grabbed one of her burlap sacks, with the remaining pieces she needed preventing her from completing her portion of the mechanism.  The other paladins finish locking the dragon in and head back with Crio to their camp to meet with the Queen.  Bonnie is disappointed – her dream final three (herself, Lina, and Patrick) will all be facing the Fates, and the journey will be over for one of them.

Back at the camp, Ansgar presents Andrew with a mark of Bravery, then tells the paladins that they need to camouflage the camp.  He departs to watch over the Queen while the paladins grab branches and leave and begin to disguise their tents.  Lina continues to beat herself up for missing that second bag.  Bonnie is also feeling low, and does not relish the opportunity to face the Fates yet again.  All the paladins continue to discuss their distrust of the Vizier1.  Crio and Ansgar return and the paladins finally let them know their thoughts on the matter.  These are quickly dismissed – suggesting the Vizier is secretly working against the Queen is high treason.  With this settled for now, the Queen brings other news to the paladins – they may have trapped the dragon, but not before it had a chance to lay eggs, which need to be dealt with.

  1. which again, DUH  

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