The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

After another opening from the producers and another set of opening titles, it’s a dragon!  Well, we see the paladins looking into the horizon, and then we see a shot of a dragon attacking a far off village1, without any interaction between the two, but it’s a dragon!  In the kingdom!  The paladins head in the direction of the camp where they saw the dragon, following the Queen, who’s taken the lead.

When they get to the village, they find it empty except for the charred remains of all the buildings.  Someone in the party asks “Did the dragon do this?”, clearly forgetting what they literally just saw earlier that day.  Finally, amongst the wreckage, a few survivors are spotted.  The paladins provide them with water as the villagers explain that Verlox released the dragon and that the rest of the village has fled.  The Queen tells the paladins that the dragon will have returned to its lair 2, and that they must re-seal the trap that keeps it from escaping.  Ansgar leads the paladins over to where this is located while the Queen returns to the safety of the camp.

  1. that looks about as realistic as the water slide in this ad  
  2. how thoughtful of it  

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