The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

The Fates

The Fates have requested the paladins, so even while away from the castle, they still head to the Fates’ Temple1.  Since this week’s challenge was a test of intelligence2, knowledge of the enemy will be tested amongst Bonnie, Patrick, and Letitia.  The boys remain in the temple while the girls are taken out to the woods.

Sitting in some structures high in the trees, the girls have a memory challenge: they must watch as a regimen of Verlox’s army passes through, taking in as many details as they can to report back to Ansgar.  Letitia, Bonnie, and Lina all seem to have different ideas of what they’ll need to remember, and focus on the numbers of various soldiers, their positions in the lineup, and any other potentially useful things to know.  Once they head back to Ansgar at the campsite, he gives them a scroll with various questions they’ll need to report to him3.  After filling out the number of men, shields, spears, horses4, and various details, they present their findings to Sir Ansgar separately, then head back to the temple.

Once the girls return from giving their accounts of what they saw, it’s revealed that Lina and Letitia each had 6 correct answers.  Bonnie had 7 correct answers, so she is safe and joins the rest of the paladins in deciding who stays and who goes.  The group sees Letitia as a strong warrior who’s added a lot to the party and has been safe only until recently, when she’s faltered a bit.  Lina is seen as having more heart, and brings a more cunning nature to the group.  Everyone feels they’ll need to go with their gut when it comes to their votes.

Crio brings the paladins back to the temple and they vote between Lina and Letitia.  By a unanimous vote, Lina remains part of The Quest.  Letitia is disappointed that in the final vote, no one stood behind her after she had stood behind them.  She relinquishes her piece of the sunspear and is banished from Everealm, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Back in the forest camp, the paladins sit around their fire and discuss the outcome of the vote.  Shondo has yet to face a Fates’ challenge, and remains the only paladin in the game in this position.  Ansgar, the Queen, and Crio join the paladins and the conversation, but a sudden noise interrupts everything.  There’s something over the horizon!

  1. which, how far of a hike was that?  I’m just trying to spatially figure out where approximately the paladins are and I can’t quite do it.  
  2. Side note: the Fates are lined up from most to least intelligible  
  3. which, much to my disappointment, does not have a final 20th question that asks “Wie es de mol?”  
  4. kits, cats, kids, wives, how many were going to St. Ives  

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