The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

The Challenge

On the way to the camp they’re heading towards, Sir Ansgar gives the paladins their next challenge: using flags to send 2 messages to the front lines.  The paladins draw arrows for captains, then choose their teammates.  It all shakes out with the guys vs. the girls (Andrew, Shondo, and Patrick vs. Lina, Letitia, and Bonnie), with the girls seemingly having an advantage it what seems like a non-physical task.

Each team must translate their message into a provided flag code, find the correct flags, place them in the correct order, and raise them to signal the front lines.  Patrick and Bonnie are chosen to decode for their teams, with the rest of their teammates doing the flag finding and running.  Each team starts finding the correct flags relatively quickly, but the girls really seem to have locked into a rhythm.  Along the way, Bonnie tells the girls to find a flag with a pentagon and Letitia selects an octagon instead.  The girls are first to raise their banner, but the error causes them to lose the lead they had as they start double-checking that they have the right message.

The guys are quick to raise their flag after the girls, but they also have a few errors.  Andrew and Patrick take the time to switch positions and continue on.  This gives them the extra information (Andrew knows the flags they have, and Patrick has seen the code) needed to get the message correct on their second try.  Ansgar orders them to assist the girls after their victory, and the boys spot the pentagon/octagon error right away.  Both messages are now sent to the front lines.

Ansgar gives Patrick the mark of Intelligence at his team’s urging.  The paladins head on and set up a backup camp with a hidden shelter should the main camp be unusable or surrounded by Verlox.  At the main camp, Crio meets the paladins at the tents and shows them their new lodgings while Verlox has the castle.  It’s not as nice or as roomy, but it’ll have to do.  The paladins are ready to rest after a long day, and discuss the day’s challenge.  Bonnie feels partially responsible for the girls’ mix-up, as she didn’t clearly indicate the pentagon.  Letitia is desperate to stay in the competition and feels that if it comes down to her and Bonnie, she has a chance to stay, but if it comes down to her vs. Lina, she may be going home.

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