The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

The Fates 2: There and Back Again

The Fates reiterate to everyone the importance of the tasks they set, before asking the bottom 3 competitors to step forward.  This week, Andrew, Adria, and Letitia failed to turn knowledge into action, so for their challenge this week, they’ll need to do that again.  Remember that map?  The Fates have completed assembling it correctly and found the location of Verlox’s army from it.  The bottom paladins must put some swords with discs at the end of their hilts in the correct order by height so that a beam of light can shine through holes in the discs to reveal the location.  This seems easy, but the swords are different lengths AND the holes are different depths.  The beam of line won’t shine until these are in the perfect order.

Andrew is working quickly and is the first to step away from the swords, but doesn’t have quite the correct answer.  Adria also finishes her lineup of swords, but this is also not correct.  This is a tough challenge!1 Andrew calms himself and starts taking the time to analyze each sword and hole, placing them with more care and precision.  We cut through Letitia, Adria, and Andrew making further reorganizations of the swords, but Andrew’s efforts to be less impulsive help him score the correct answer and save himself from banishment.  He heads off with the rest of the paladins to discuss if Adria or Letitia should be banished.

Bonnie knows Adria always has her back, and Patrick feels he knows Adria better than he knows Letitia.  Andrew sees Adria as a mom for the group.  Lina makes it clear she’s voting for Letitia, her roommate.  Shondo calls Letitia a “Wonder Woman”, but it’s not clear if he sees this as a good thing, or a reason to see Letitia as a threat to his own chances of being the one to defeat Verlox.  After all this discussion, the vote takes place.  To no surprise (at least to me), Letitia gets more votes than Adria and is spared for another week.  Shondo voted based on performance – that’s what he sees the kingdom needing most of all at this time, and that’s what Letitia’s shown she’s able to provide consistently.  Adria vanishes into smoke as the rest of the paladins head back to the castle.The top 6 feels happy with the remaining group.  There are some strong competitors left on the boys side, but Letitia still wants to see a girl win.

Back in the Saenctum courtyard: it’s a goat!  And some other castle NPCs, but I was most excited by the goat.  In non-goat related updates, Ansgar brings the paladins a drink and toasts with them to saving the castle from destruction.  The paladins like that Ansgar’s let his guard down with them and is happy to just relax with them.  After he asks Bonnie about her love life back in the real world, the paladins ask him about his.  There’s a sad story about losing his wife during the birth of his first child, but Ansgar mentions that he has his sword and his queen2 and that’s enough for him.  The story of how he knows Hera is also revealed in more detail – Ansgar saved Hera’s life on the battlefield, which Hera repaid by stealing money from him and disappearing.  That was years ago.

Suddenly: there’s a commotion!  And a fire?  Crio is there, and so is the queen, and the paladins seem confused as they try to help.  Then: Verlox appears offscreen!  We may finally get to see what this guy looks like…next week.

  1. Straight out of something you’d see teams do during a Game.  
  2. Who he totally has a side thing with, you guys.  Calling it now  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    I seriously don’t get how Christian lasted as long as he did. There must have been (as there always are) some things unfilmed or not edited into the final cut, because there’s no sane way anyone would have kept him as a ‘teammate’ as long as they appeared to otherwise.

    Also, you call out the Legends motif in the first half and fail to mention how the laser stone in the second looks like the trophy from G.U.T.S.? For shame, child of Nickelodeon. For shame.